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  • September 23, 2022
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Back links… After spending a lot of time on the web, searching numerous websites and blogs, experimenting with different types of back linking methods, I have come to the conclusion that the best type of back link is the type that originates from content. By content I mean articles and blog posts, these are by far the best type of link for search engine optimisation purposes, this type of link is known in the business as a contextual link, a link originating from a word or phrase in a piece of content that is posted on the web somewhere.

Article writing is one of the easiest ways to build back links, anyone can write an article, you don’t have to be the world greatest author, just write about what you know about. Have a look at some of the articles that are circulating in the various article directories and you will see what I mean, they are written solely for SEO purposes. Some of the articles are just a load of garbage cobbled together to get a quick back link.

The trick with article writing is to write a good article that another site owner will want to publish on their site or blog, this is called the viral effect, your link will appear on another web site and you will get another link credited to your site. It’s a very simple and effective method of link building.

Blog posting is also another one of my favourite ways of link building, I’ve noticed when checking my back links that links from blog posts show up very quickly. Google and other search engines love blogs; blogs get indexed very quickly if they are updated on a regular basis.

A top tip for anybody who wants to build a lot of back links pretty quickly is to set up a number of blogs, this is dead easy and it can be done for free using the services of one of the many free blog sites out there, just Google free blogs and see what comes up.

You can also set up your own blogs on custom domains; a custom domain seems to rank better than a sub-domain for some unknown reason. Using this method you can create thousands of back links back to your main site over a couple of months. The blogs don’t have to look that good it’s the content that counts and the links that are pointing back to your site. A blog can be set up and published in about 15 minutes using a ready-made design template, have a look at WordPress, Blogger or Yola.

About the link back to your site, this is the important bit, the part you’re spending all the time over, the thing that is going to put your site on the first page of Google and hopefully make you some money. This is so easy, I am going to use my own site and key words as an example, because this is the means to and end for me, I want to get my web site on the first page of Google for the search terms SEO Liverpool so all I have to do is hyperlink the words SEO Liverpool back to my site, and that’s it, easy! You may have to repeat this a number of times depending on the search terms or key words that you want to be found for.


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