Basic First Steps Test for the Irish Learner Driver – Part One

  • September 23, 2022
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This article deals with some of the essential Basics without which you haven’t a prayer on your Driving Test. There is an awful lot every pre-test Learner Driver can do to make the chances of passing more likely and No it doesn’t require spending more money on Lessons providing you have been to a Professional School in the first place (Hint!)

Can you answer the Following Questions?

Below is a list of Twenty Questions that every Learner Driver should be able to answer with 100% accuracy…

If Not… you shouldn’t be sitting the Driving Test. Period!

1. Can you open the Bonnet/Hood of your car without fuss?

2. Can you identify all the important equipment that lives under the Bonnet/Hood?

3. Can you describe how to perform the checks on this Equipment?

4. Can you recognize when a Tire is low on pressure?

5. Can you describe the three Checks on a tire to ensure safety?

6. Can you stop correctly at a Stop sign?

7. Is it Mandatory to use the Handbrake at a Stop Sign?

8. Can you describe when not to use the Handbrake?

9. Do you know the meaning of “The Ten Second Rule?”

10. What is the most acceptable distance from the Vehicle ahead when stopping?

11. What three steps would you take to improve safety in heavy rain?

12. What gear should you use when stopping?

13. When would you check your blind spot?

14. How often should you perform your basic mechanical checks?

15. Do you understand the Term “Opposite Lock”?

16. What is the first action you take in the event of a Stall?

17. Do you carry spare Bulbs and why is this important?

18. What is meant by Non-Standard Roundabout Configuration?

19. What should you do if a Dashboard Warning light illuminates?

20. How would you check your Brake Lights were functioning if on your own?

Tomorrow and in our next Article, which is appropriately entitled Part Two we will give the correct answers… so come along and see how you fared!(Or didn’t as the case may be). Lets be fair now you have at least 24 hours to do your Homework so a result of nothing less than 90% is unsatisfactory(extremely).

We apologize in Advance to those of you who drive on the “wrong “side of the road (lol) or who drive that strange Beast known as an SUV or in Europe known as a People Carrier. You don’t need any of the answers in part two since everyone else is expected to get out of your way!


Source by Robin Piggott

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