Have you ever thought about the different types of respect we show to others and why? Did you even realize that there ARE different types of respect? Well, there are! It depends on the situation you’re in, who you are dealing with and, sometimes, what you hope to gain. Let’s take a look at just a select few.

Politeness: Most everyone is taught from a young age to be polite and use good manners. This essentially is being courteous and considerate of people you come in contact with. You don’t have to know someone to be respectful.

Power: This is the respect you have for someone in a position of authority, whether it’s your boss, an employee, a client or a parent. These people have a power over you in some manner – they call the shots. And whether or not you agree with their actions, you always act responsibly nonetheless.

Ability: There are people – whether they are outstanding employees, successful business people, or talented artists – who have qualities we admire. We hold their abilities in high regard and therefore treat these people specially.

Being polite might get you down the aisle quicker at the grocery store or get you bumped to a first class seat on an airplane. Respecting power will certainly help maintain peace. And in an effort to either learn from or “hold onto” those folks with abilities, by showing them respect they may offer you something in return such as attention or knowledge or dedication.

Furthermore, it’s widely recognized that people willingly gravitate to those they respect. They want to help them, make them look good, and learn from them. A good team leader or supervisor who has the respect of his employees will see far better results from his team. This is also true outside of the workplace – at the ball field, at volunteer activities or even at home.

What it all comes down to is: by BEING respectful you will be RESPECTED by others. Reap the benefits!

Source by Kimberly J. McCloskey

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