The weather application is a simple widget as it has all the features except ads shows up on screen which can be removed after purchasing the full version.


A navigation app that provides places of interest on a map. Gives directions to things like different rest stops, food places and gas stations. We can also download specific area to view it on maps off-line.


This application lets you download wallpapers, ringtones, notification tones and alarm-tones and number of other options to customize your homescreen and themes.


This mobile application lets you share you day to day tasks with entire group of people. It has daily reminders, notifications, taking notes etc. This makes it a great app for individual or company use for daily meetings

Nova Launcher:

It is a simple and yet powerful launcher that lets you customize your mobile, tablet home screen, their icons and make folders of your choice and group application according to your preference.

Sketch – Draw & Paint:

Sketch is a Draw and Paint application. Basically, it is a basic photo editor where you can sketch for fun and show your creativity. It is fun and easy to use and excellent for kids.


Daily arts show you a new artwork on daily basis. Its artwork is mostly paintings but also has some other forms of art. For instance, animated, drawing, sculpture etc.

It helps you to learn new artwork everyday and can be helpful for your creativity.

Es file explorer:

This is a file manager which is free of cost, very safe to use, simple yet stylish where files on phone’s storage and external storage can be managed. Managing files has never been so easy.


Bitmoji lets you create your own avatar that looks like a cartoon version of you, which is then it can be shared on other social platforms as a sticker. We can share it on variety of chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger etc. After installing bitmoji and creating your emoji, simply while chatting through Google keyboard press on the smiley face and it lets you share your bitmoji sticker. There is vast number of stickers available in their directory.


Evernote is a mobile app that is designed for note taking, organizing tasks, creating lists of different tasks and archiving etc. Feel organized without the effort

It helps you capture and prioritize ideas, projects and to-do lists. It makes sure nothing falls short and helps you feel organised without the need of any kind of effort.

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