There are many ways to increase traffic to your blog.

Although there is an argument to be made about the distinction between good and bad traffic; for the purpose of this article I will assume that all traffic is good traffic.

Blogrush is an easy way to attract viewers and thus increase readership. The Blogrush widget displays relevant posts from other blogs on your page. The titles of your new posts appear on the Blogrush widget carried by other blogs that deal with similar topics. Consequently readers can find your posts easier.

LinkReferral is a surf-for-traffic program that encourages community building amongst, not only bloggers, but publishers of all kind of internet sites. To increase traffic to your blog, you have to keep surfing, reviewing other sites and post comments in the forums. If you intend to use linkrefal make sure you have all your internet security features and set to max. The only reason I say this is because you might have to visit many sites of questionable integrity.

BlogCatalog also provides services that help letting others know about your blog and increase your traffic. It is a “social networking” site and functions similar to MyBlogLog. Once your blog gets approved and you install the widget of your liking you get connected to thousands of other blog publishers. Being active in the community guarantees new visits daily. Adding new friends is easy. The more friends you have the more visits to your blog you will get.

Link2Blogs is a free text link exchange program

After signing up you place the Link2blogs box on your blog. Every reader that clicks on blogs listed in your Link2blogs box will earn you get 1 credit. The credits you earn become new visitors for your blog. Your ad will be shown in other blogs of Link2blogs network, in the categories you chose.

Blogmad is another earn credits-earn traffic program. Credits can be earned in three ways.

Visit other blogs

You must stay for about 30 seconds on each one then enter a number code in the Blogmad surf bar that signifies that you are actually there. Earn credits and move on to the next one. No download is required for use of the bar.

Banner ads

Placing banner ads is one more way to generate credits with Blogmad. You can also show other blog ads on your blog. For every 270 page views you will earn a credit.

Text Link Ad

Blogmad is registered with textlink ads. You can place the textlink add banner on your blog. When someone clicks on it you get a commission in the form of credits. It is not a bad idea to do so especially if your traffic is relatively low and you cannot get a direct textlink banner in the first place.

Play Games

Simple flash games that will pay you credits to play.

Hope you find this list of services available helpful.

Source by Constantine Balbozar

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