Why use SEO Software, when you can do it manually? This question is usually asked by people new to internet marketing. However, when you ask veterans in the field, they will recommend to purchase SEO software as soon as possible. In the long run, a customized computer application will save you money and lead your business to prosperity.

First of all, SEO practices are time-consuming and monotonous. You won’t feel it early on but, after a few weeks, you will notice that you are doing the same tasks over and over again without perceivable results. Proxy checks, keyword tracking and source-code revamps have to be done regularly to compete for Google’s top ranks. If you use software for your SEO, these tasks that would normally take hours can be done in a few minutes – with just a few clicks.

Secondly, humans are prone to errors. Crawling through lots of pages can be tedious. If you are looking to optimize a keyword and it is actually available in 20 pages, then you will have to read through all 20 pages first. There is also a chance to miss that keyword. With the help of Softwares, you will have less worry about user errors.

The cons of SEO Software

The usual prices of entry-level software range from $20 for one time payment and up to $200 per month. However, if you settle for commercial SEO software, you won’t likely gain advantage over your competitors that much. Why? because many companies are probably using the same SEO software. With all the websites receiving the same kind and level of optimization, you can’t expect high ranks in search results and the worst part is it highly possible that it leaves footprint for Search Engine like Google to track. Google “hates” automation, and this will pull your website rankings.

Another con of using commercial SEO Software would be a tendency is to get obsolete after a few weeks from purchase. To get your program updated, you need to hire support – and that means additional expenses

The solution is to build your own software for SEO.

Currently, you can have your own automated solution in SEO even without having programing knowledge to build it. Many developers now build SEO software builder. Its a program that can record your browser routines and you can re-run it as many time as you want with different parameter to achieve different result. On the market, some of top of mind software like that support this features are Zennoposter, Ubot, and iMacros.

When you build your own software for SEO, it will look “smart” when performing automation, because the method will be unique and you will have less chance be detected by search engines.

The last thing you should remember is don’t spam sites. The idea of running automated software for your SEO is not for spamming, instead reduce your work and effort to do SEO. Remember this, every site owner could report your site if you’re doing spammy activities on their site. Google would also penalized your site if you’re being to aggressive with your seo effort. Just make it look natural, give value to other sites and you will succeed in the long run.

Source by Viktor Iwan Kristanda

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