Everyone and all companies that own commercial websites wants to get hits. They want to get as many hits as possible because more traffic means more business. Now certain Big Brand names need not worry too much. Some of them are so big that one would think that they hardly have to do anything at all and still they will get the business.

This perception would be erroneous. Even the largest brands of soft drink companies, beer brewers, motor car manufacturers and, when they were allowed, cigarette manufacturers all spend a great deal on their marketing and advertising campaigns. And keeping their websites up to date and user friendly is part of it.

For everyone else there are the search engines and links. Actually links are important to search engines as well, which will be discussed below. Consider that on the web there are 1.8 billion users and that about 60% of these users use a search engine whenever they want to find something. So the searcher types into the query box that he is looking for a red widget with a universal adapter to the size of a paperback book. The search engine analyses the query and matches to the key words it has indexed and then delivers a list of URLs that claim to have universally adapted paperback sized red widgets.

Note that they deliver an ordered or ranked list. They might have 20,000 suppliers of red widgets and the searcher will probably only going to check out the first 5 or six on the page 1. So if your URL’s page rank makes you #7 or #27 even if your keywords are a perfect match you will probably not even be considered.

The search engines; Google, Bing (now including Yahoo), Ask and the others all have their own algorithms to determine how they rank the pages of the different URLs. These algorithms are not published anywhere nor are they stable, all search engines are continually adjusting the way they do their rankings.

But there are certain fairly constant factors. Search engines, all of them, use content, relevance, backlinks, and traffic when they index a URL. Content is crucial and if the content itself doesn’t change often the ranking will slip as the web ‘bots or crawlers will have no reason to recheck a site, whereas if the content changes often the ‘bots are constantly re-indexing the site and it remains fresh.

The Keywords must be relevant to the site. The search engines penalise keyword stuffing and irrelevant or nonsensical content.

And now come the links. There is nothing that will improve a URLs ranking more than having a number of links. The more links there are out on the web the more the search engines will consider that site to be important and the higher it will rank the page whenever a keyword is typed.

Getting links on one’s own is a slow, tedious effort which is why we offer a Link Building Service as part of the SEO packages. This way, as we complete the SEO service we supply a number of links to your url which will significantly increase your page ranking.

Source by Tara Huntington Harvey

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