Say you are working on driving business opportunity leads to your web site and are designing your site for SEO (search engine optimization). Maybe you are just writing articles, the importance of a title can not be understated! They are major players in getting business opportunity leads to your site. If you are new or unfamiliar with what the title or title tag is…read on!

First of all, go do a search in Google or any other search engine for whatever keyword phrases you want. When the results come up, go to the first result and we will break it down.

The first line is your title tag. The next following lines are your description and your meta tag. As you can see, when you look at any of the results of your search, the first thing noticeable and which is also highlighted is your title tag.

This title tag is what you create on your web site under the section in HTML. It is just a bit of code of HTML code!

What you want in this title tag “must” contain the main keywords or keyword phrases that is relevant to your site and what you will be pursuing using SEO! If you play with it, you might be able to break it down into multiple keyword phrases or multipliers. Whatever you do though, use your main keyword phrase at the beginning. You are also limited to seventy characters so you are limited in what you put in there. It is a good idea to begin every single word with a capital letter as well!

To see what that title tag looks like, open up your web site and look at the top tab on the upper left side of your browser window. You will notice that it will contain the title tag.

The description of your web site…same deal! It is under the section and again, if you want to optimize it for SEO, you need to place as many keywords, keyword phrases, or variations of them in that description. You do want to do this right! If someone is looking at your title tag and description, they might or might not click on your web site depending on what they see! You do want your major keyword phrase listed in the first twenty or so words.

Do the same with the metatag even though the importance of it is not in comparison with the others.

If you are writing articles, (which if you are doing SEO you are doing a lot of), the same things apply. Configure your title and description in the same way!

The reason you are doing this and being consistent with your keywords is that…once your web site is created, Google will at some point in time crawl (take a picture) of your web site. They will then index each word “on” the web site giving more weight to your keywords than any “other” words on your site if you have done everything correctly. You are telling Google what this web site is all about!

They can tell by what you have placed in your title tag, description, and the content on your front page what words are given the highest weight!

Hope this helps! I believe nothing beats SEO in getting the highest of quality business opportunity leads to your site!

Source by Jim Eberle

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