Almost all web design companies these days will offer additional online marketing services such as digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, and will often offer their existing customers preferential rates for taking on additional services.

The question many people ask when they are selecting an agency is whether they are good beyond their core skills. There are a number of things you should consider if selecting a web design company to also carry out SEO, and although these will vary somewhat depending on your own specific needs, they are generally good rules to follow.

Firstly, does the company have a separate team working on different disciplines? SEO and web design can both be fairly complicated services that don’t always have the same skillset. A web designer may not be adept at offering a comprehensive approach to SEO including proper marketing research and social media marketing skills, and they may also not be aware of some of the more modern SEO techniques and tools. While this doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to satisfy your needs, it does mean that they may be less efficient and slower in delivering results than a dedicated SEO professional.

When you’re working with a web design company for SEO, there are some benefits. Many of the initial elements of an SEO Strategy rely on making the site more accessible and SEO friendly. Most modern web content management solutions offer a degree of flexibility with SEO in mind that are intended to make the content easier for search engines to find and categorise, and a web design company that is really experienced in a particular platform such as WordPress or Umbraco will often know some really useful tricks about making the platform easier to work with and making it more search engine friendly.

Something that you should always think about when talking to your agency is the way in which they approach link building. This is a vitally important part of SEO, but it is also a fairly risky business when it is approached in a way that puts numbers above quality. In most cases, a dedicated team offering search engine optimisation services will be better at both sourcing and managing your link building activity in order to ensure that you stay on the right side of Google, and also add value to your site to improve rankings.

One area where a good web design company offering SEO can really benefit your business is in their ability to use more creative techniques in content marketing. They will be able to design custom microsites that match your main branding a lot more simply than a dedicated SEO offering, and also work on elements such as Infographics and so forth that are very popular on social media channels and generally attract links to your site through being shared and discussed elsewhere.

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