Web development relates to the creation of function rich web sites for the internet. Web development differs from web design in that it creates a more user interactive web experience. Examples of web development sites would be e-commerce and web content management systems. In the industry, web development is usually considered as the coding process and programming rather than the design side of web site construction.

Web developers usually sit alongside graphic designers and other in-house employees although it is common practice to see them employed as freelancers throughout the industry. Larger companies may employ several developers on their larger projects such as social networking sites and directories.

In the last 10 years the industry has grown rapidly and is one of the largest growing sectors in this time frame. The industry is still expected to grow by a a further 20% by 2010. A lot of this growth can be attributed to the demand of businesses needing a professional web presence and the ability to sell their products and services online.

There are many outlets for these businesses looking for web development and the cost and standard varies enormously. It is fair to say that the overall cost of development is gradually falling as the process becomes standardised and is eased by the introduction of many simple-to-use HTML editors. An example of these programs would be Adobe Dreamweaver which allows you to build in design mode, or WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). A considerable help in climbing the HTML learning curve.

Most web development websites are backed up by huge online databases which have made the web a viable alternative to desktop software programs and has led to the rise in web applications or web apps. The freedom of access to these web apps has helped drive the industry as users can benefit of being able to interact with the data from any location.

An example of web development shaping industry is the popularity of e-commerce sites such as eBay etc. Consumers can shop and bid online and this process has transformed the way we shop in recent years. The rapid rise of internet shopping has had a dramatic effect on the high street store. Most retailers are actively engaged in online selling to maintain and improve their market share.,

When looking to hire a web development company it is wise to work with a reputable company as there are many security considerations and weaknesses that have to be accounted for in the development. Hackers can easily access valuable data and exploit it for their own purposes, or remove the data altogether leading to the website being unavailable until skilled people can restore it.

Keeping the web database and servers safe from access can be called server port hardening. As information gets transferred from one place to another, many technologies come into play. One of these technologies is called SSL or Secure Socket Layer Encryption. Developers may also use other forms of encryption in an attempt to keep their data safe. Web security and it’s implementation is a vital part of any successful development company.

It would be wise to ask for recommendations when looking to hire a web developer as the cost and standard varies greatly. Be sure to trust your next web development project with a company that can deliver the goods.

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