Setting frames at the start of a set of a set of sessions with a client is of utmost importance to the facilitation of a successful coaching session. If you are a coach and are wondering what powerful frames you could set for your clients this article will give you some specific examples as options and suggestions. Feel free to adapt them to fit in with your personal style.

Here is what a coach might say in regards to the following items:


  • ‘These coaching sessions will usually for 60 (or 90) minutes.’
  • ‘It is your responsibility to arrive on time. If you’re late, the session will still finish at the agreed time.’


  • ‘I expect you to follow through on agreed upon coaching actions between sessions.’
  • ‘If you have to change your session time, I need you to let me know at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.’


  • ‘The fee for coaching is due on the day of session and can be paid either by cash, cheque or credit card.’
  • ‘Fees for paid coaching packages are non-refundable.’

During the sessions – things to say at the beginning of a coaching program:

  • ‘I don’t need a lot of content or story and might interrupt you, if I feel it deters from reaching your desired outcome. Is that OK with you?’
  • ‘I will ask you a lot of questions to either gain clarity, ask you about your motivation, probing your decision or to explore your beliefs and values. It is up to what you are willing to give me in terms of the information and detail to get the most out of your session.’
  • ‘At times I might challenge or provoke you if it is helping you reach your desired outcome.’
  • ‘Each session I will ask you a set of questions at the start to agree on an outcome that would be important to you. Before I will start coaching, I want to be clear what you will want to experience, know, have or be at the end of the session to make your time and money worthwhile. Therefore before you come you might want to specifically think about what you want to work on that can be achieved in one session.’

At the beginning of each session:

  • ‘What is the most powerful outcome that you would like to achieve today?’
  • ‘What could we work on today, that would make a big impact in your life?’
  • ‘What would you like to achieve today that would be so important to you that it would have been worth every minute of your coaching session with me?’

If the desired outcome is too big to achieve within one session, then ask:

  • ‘What about this [the big outcome] could we work on today that would make a big impact?’
  • ‘What is the first thing that we need to look at to move towards [the big outcome]?’

Note taking / Other support material:

  • ‘I might take some notes to better be able to remember the key points you’ve mentioned. These notes remain confidential.’
  • ‘At some time I might refer to support material like books, notes or handouts.’
  • ‘If it is suitable to your desired outcome I might offer you suggestions for reading or give you task sheets to complete in-between sessions as coaching actions.’

As mentioned above these are just generic suggestions that need to be adapted to your personal needs as a coach. You might even want to consider writing some of those frames as part of a terms and condition document that you might send to a new client prior to their first coaching session.

Source by Nathalie Himmelrich

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