CPA Affiliate Marketing Explained – Newbies’ Guide

  • September 23, 2022
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CPA affiliate marketing is something many smart internet marketers decide with when it comes to an online business. The business structure is very simple, and if you have your sources to generate traffic to your affiliate website, your relationship with the CPA affiliate network can be really profitable. Although there are many things you have to consider before you start up your CPA (cost per action) affiliate business, and if you are a newbie you have many handicaps you have to overcome before you can become a CPA super-affiliate.

CPA affiliate marketing is similar to affiliate marketing sites, but, instead of promoting one or two products, and selling them, you can choose from your CPA network’s offers, (literally hundreds of offers, including many different and popular niches) and you will be able to get paid for your lead generation efforts as well as for the sales. So you don’t actually have to sell a product to get paid.

Types of CPA networks.

Some CPA networks are specialized in one niche, so if you have already managed to position yourself as an expert within the particular niche, it is a good idea to look for a CPA affiliate network that runs loads of offers that can be useful for your target audience. Some other affiliate networks have loads of categories, based on the customers’ interest and the level of involvement as well. The more commitment the offer requires from the customer’s side, the more payout you will receive.

Types of CPA affiliate offers

Some networks run loads of sales offers, which is literally similar to a regular affiliate website, basically you send the customer to an online merchant’s shop and you get a percentage of the revenue in case they make a purchase. Usually they also have a 30 or more days cookie which detects if the customer first visited the site through your affiliate site but only makes a purchase later on, so you will still get paid.

The easiest converting CPA affiliate offers are ZIP or email submits, basically quick and easy lead generation, usually survey sites or freebie sites run these offers and pay from a couple of cents to as much as 2 dollars.

There are also one page lead generation offers within CPA networks, where there are at least 2 fields to fill in, it involves more commitment, but pays more as well.

Another type of offer is a free download, when a customer downloads a software or application and installs it, you get paid. These offers also differ regarding to payout, anything between a couple of cents to a couple of dollars.

Another really popular category is cell phone offers, where a customer needs to register for a paid mobile service, and you get paid much more than with normal lead generation offers.

My very favorite ones are the “free trial” CPA offers, but I have to mention that it is your responsibility to look into the offer and check out the landing page before you start running one of these campaigns as the FTC regulation regarding to free trials and automatic credit card subscriptions have got very strict recently. You can find that these offers only involve shipping and handling fees to be paid by the customer but you get a payout close to the full product price.

Driving traffic to CPA offers

Before you set up your campaign for a CPA affiliate offer, you have to choose very wisely. You MUST check with the network or your affiliate manager personally if the traffic generation method is fully compliant. Some networks don’t allow social media traffic at all, some state that particular offers can be run on social networks, and provide you with a special landing page as well.

Don’t even think about spamming classifieds sites, it is not worth to get banned from a network, especially that affiliate networks do share information therefore you can get banned from several networks at a time for one mistake.

You can although use your own list to promote to, run a blog on your website regarding to related offers, write product reviews, use video and articles to drive traffic to your landing page. And obviously if you are a pro the very best and fastest way to drive traffic to any affiliate offer is PPC advertising and media buys. But remember: CPA affiliate marketing is all about testing different offers, landing pages and traffic types. Good luck with your new CPA affiliate adventure!


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