Choosing the Right Membership Software for You

Membership sites have become very popular and that’s for a good reason – a number of people who have mastered the running of these sites are generating recurring income for an investment of very little time.

One of the tools you’ll want to invest in if you plan to start a membership site is membership software. There’s plenty of it – Digital Access Pass, aMember, Memergate, Wishlist Member, Easy Member Pro and on and on the list goes.

So how do you decide which membership site software is best for you? The key is to find the one that fits your budget and has the tools you want. Although Wishlist Member seems to come highly recommended because it integrates with WordPress and it’s quite cheap compare to some others. Just choose a good WordPress theme and you’ll be in business. Your site will look good and you’ll be ready to get down to business.

Easy Member Pro

This software does just what it says it will do. It’s an easy setup and it’s professional software. It offers all of the features that you will need to create a membership quickly and easily.


Amember is another popular choice. One of the things many like about this package is that it has over 60 options for payment processors. There is an online demo that you can have a look at and it has a free trial offer too, so you can try it and see if it’s right for you. It’s priced pretty reasonable.


This software has gone down in price just recently and so many feel there’s great value here for the price. It’s definitely worth checking out to see if it does what you need.


This is a monthly subscription and so it offers some flexibility. Many find the $79 a month high, but remember if you are setting up a membership site that’s for more than 100 members who are each going to pay you at least $10 a month that’s more than $1000 a month, so this package is certainly in your budget. Have a look at what it has to offer.

That’s just a handful of the membership software packages that are out there. A good way to get a feel for them is to read the reviews that others have provided and then if there is an opportunity for a trial use take advantage of it. The key is to find the features you want.

Source by Jason J Zhang

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