Dating is the act of meeting people with a few to getting to know them better and to find a courtship or marriage partner. There are two results for dating namely –

• Socialization or to learn social skills and

• Marriage.

It is important that people of the opposite sex learn why they need to date, when they should start dating, why they should date, and what dating they should be engaged in at different times in their lives.

Dating for socialization or to learn social skills is a critical dating season and one of the most important reasons why dating should be encouraged among the youth of a certain age bracket. Many scientific studies and religious organizations support dating practices for the youth so that the challenge of communication between men and women that has been traced to be the root of spouse abuse, divorce and unhappy marriages could be dealt with. It is a known fact that men and women speak in different languages even while using the same words, meaning that it takes a great skill for men and women to understand each other. Men depend on logical conclusions to reach decisions while women depend on their feelings.

Studies are showing that keeping the female and male genders apart until they are up to the age of marriage before learning to communicate with each other have adverse effect on what marriage they finally get. A socially skilled man or woman has all the advantage in handling relationship with the opposite sex than those who have none.

Social scientists and religious organizations who support dating as a preliminary stage of the male female relationship believe that youth of ages 16 years and above can start dating. They, however, caution that dating should not start earlier than this age for both boys and girls.

Dating at this stage is for socialization and for the learning of social and communication skills, especially with the opposite sex. It also enhances communication and social skills across board as the dating events at this stage involve group activities where both sexes mix. Dating at this stage could stretch for good two years and or more for girls who could be due for marriage at age eighteen. This is a good period enough to learn some of the idiosyncrasies of the male and female human to enable the now young single adults know what to expect and what they can tolerate in a relationship with a man or woman.

Dating for socialization provides opportunity for both sexes to learn how to deal with friends and family of their future spouses. It helps the young people to learn such virtues as friendship, tolerance, understanding, independence, integrity, forgiveness, which the period of dating for marriage may not provide enough time for. It would drastically shorten the usually long dating for marriage and courtships that mostly end in heartache and sorrow.

Dating this early is criticized by many including some prominent religious organizations. Their main grouse is that youth are sexually active and are more prone to sexual experimentation which may be detrimental their welfare. While agreeing with this possibility, it would be appropriate to note that with or without dating for socialization, sexual activity among the youth is increasing and several unplanned pregnancies and disease are resulting. Structured dating for socialization would drastically reduce the challenge of teen pregnancy and disease.

It is a well-considered opinion worthy of everyone’s attention that dating for socialization be established as a family culture. This way, the appropriate ways for carrying it out would be set out, taught and the youth assisted to play by the rule.

Dating for socialization activities should involve families and neighborhood groups. Group dating activities should be the order so that the objectives of social and communication skills would be enhanced.

Source by Francis Nmeribe

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