Imagine the world of online retailing without email marketing.

A favorite restaurant offering you free dessert for your next stop will send you a message through snail mail. However, the coupon has to go through a process of fabrication before it gets to your mailbox. The restaurant will have to pay for printing, make purchases for envelopes, address them to you and then pay for postage. Other than that, they still need to hire someone to design and stuff the envelope before disseminating it to their customers. This process is both expensive and time-consuming.

With email marketing, the ones who filled out the Customer Satisfaction Survey and gave their email address can be sent a Free Dessert email coupon. The restaurant can also include a “Forward to a Friend” link, so the customers can email the coupon to their friends.

Moreover, there are features such as Reports and Status section of the direct email marketing program that could help with the growth of the business. This way, retailers could check who opened the messages they sent to customers and when they did it. Customers who forwarded their coupons to their friends can also be viewed using this feature. Grouping all the readers who forward their coupons to a friend and offering them an extra incentive (e.g. giving a 25% discount to those who bring more than 2 friends to the restaurant) can be a big hit.

A program comes with a user-friendly package where emails are pre-designed and the back end is already taken care of. Retailers don’t need to pay for postage, stuffing and printing. After a few clicks on the button, the business’ email marketing is ready to take off.

A lot of people may not be inclined with email advertisements, but an ostentatious offer that’s exactly what they need or wanted at the moment will be difficult to resist. The fact that millions of people check their emails more than they do with their mailboxes is a big boost to reach out to the customers online.

The convenience of email marketing favors the ones who are yet to start a small business online. Direct email programs that are built for non-technical folks are also introduced in the public to reach out to the greater part of the merchandising population. In addition to that, sellers can also access the most advanced functionality by using the program.

When starting a business, identifying the resources available is the first step to success. This way, the entrepreneur will know how to utilize this service to strengthen the foundation of the business.

Source by Lance Tamashiro

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