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  • September 23, 2022
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Your website has many different jobs to perform on your behalf. It is important for it to be your best representation of your business and your brand. If it does not represent your business in a way conducive to helping you make more money, it isn’t doing its job. So how do you know if your website is ready for the job that you need it to do? Here are 10 questions that can help you understand the value of your website.

Social Media Optimization

1) Do you have a blog that you post on?

1 point – No Blog, but I’m going to get one.

2 points – Yes but I don’t post on it.

3 points – Yes I post 2-3 times a month.

4 points – Yes, I post 3 times a week.

5 points – Yes, I post almost daily.

2) Does the blog have links that allow readers to share the blog post with their friends on Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and other social bookmarking sites?

1 point – I don’t have a blog, but I’ll make sure it can do this when I get one.

2 points – I don’t know, but I’ll find out.

3 points – It has one for one of those sites you mentioned.

4 points – Yes, for a couple of those sites mentioned.

5 points – Yes, I have a bar that allows readers to share the blog post with multiple websites.

3) Do you have a forum?

1 point – No

2 points – Yes, but no one uses it.

3 points – Yes, it is not very busy.

4 points – Yes, it is mostly people I know who post on it.

5 points – Yes, it is very busy and I had to hire someone to manage it.

Search Engine Optimization and Interactivity

4) Do you have something that you give away for free on your website?

1 point – No

2 points – Yes, a short report that people can download for free.

3 points – Yes, a coupon code for a discount for my product or services.

4 points – Yes, Free software to help my customers.

5 points – Yes, coupons, software, reports, all kinds of stuff to help my customers.

5) Can your visitors interact at your website by entering information, clicking buttons and seeing the results of some type of calculation or information from other websites.

1 point – No

2 points – They can go to different pages on my website.

3 points – They can comment on my blog.

4 points – They can interact on my forum

5 points – Yes, I have a custom built feature on my website that they can’t find anywhere else.

Content is King/ Search Engine Optimization

6) How many pages does your website have? (including blog pages, event pages, forum pages)

1 point – 5-10 pages

2 points – 10 – 20 pages

3 points – 20 – 30 pages

4 points – 30 – 40 pages

5 points – Too many to count

7)Does your website have pages focused on specific topics in your industry geared toward keywords in your industry?

1 point – I don’t know.

2 points – No, but I plan to get them.

2 points – Yes, I have pages on the products and services I offer.

3 points – Yes, I have pages about my topics.

4 points – Yes, I have a blog with topics specific to my industry

Client Capture

8) Do you have an ezine newsletter that people can subscribe with their email address?

1 point – No, but I plan to

2 points – Yes, but nobody has subscribed to it.

3 points – Yes, I’ve got a few people but I can’t seem to build a larger list.

4 points – Yes, It’s building slowly.

5 points – Yes, I have a huge list of subscribers.

9) Does your website have a registration form so people can register for greater content access?

1 point – No, but maybe I should.

2 points – Yes, but nobody has registered.

3 points – Yes, my friends and family have registered.

4 points – Yes, friends, family and colleagues have registered.

5 points – Yes, I have a building list of registered users.

10) Does your website offer a free item or information that visitors want or need?

1 point – No, but I’m considering it.

2 points – Yes, but nobody seems to be coming to get it.

3 points – Yes, they come and get it but I don’t know who they are.

4 points – Yes, a few people come and register for it, but I feel like it doesn’t do any good for my business.

5 points – Yes, a lot of people come, register and receive the free item. I am able to follow up and develop new beneficial contacts with them.

Score Your Web Site

40 – 50 points Great you’re on your way. Keep up the great work your doing!

30 – 40 points You’re doing well. There are just a few things that will help your website get people coming back and staying. Once they start doing that, you’ll start to see better returns.

20 – 30 points Your web site is lacking some features that could turn it into a web site that attracts users whom you can interact with and eventually sell your products and services. Make sure your website is a place people want to visit to find out information or get something that they really want to have.

20 and below Your website is basically a small brochureware site that isn’t doing much for you at this time. Careful evaluation of your target market and implementing new features and marketing plans could help your business. Start by including a blog on your website and write blog posts that are important to your particular target market.


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