Evolv MLM Review – Why Robert Dean Jr Leaves Monavie to Join Evolv Health LLC?

  • September 23, 2022
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Evolv is a brand new network marketing company that is carving out a name for itself in today’s competitive multi-billion dollar bottled water industry. What makes them unique is their patented Archaea Active ingredient in the bottled water that is designed to increase oxygenation at the cellular level and reduce inflammation, and thereby, increasing the absorption of nutrients into your body for naturally higher energy levels. Robert Dean Jr. the top income earner and former team leader at Tahitian Noni (a health and wellness MLM company) has recently joined forces with Evolv to assist distributors on their path to financial independence.

A Little History Behind Robert Dean Jr’s Record Breaking Success In Tahitian Noni

Back in 1995 after trying out a multitude of businesses that did not really pan out for him, Robert Dean Jr. eventually discovered the concept of network marketing. In his first company he made over $10,000 in a short period of time. Not really happy with where he was at the moment in time, after numerous research, he finally settled on a MLM company called Morinda, famous for their Tahitian Noni Juice.

In 2001, Robert Dean Jr. took that relatively new company and grew it to the point where he was shattering all sales records in the first year of the business and created 12 millionaires in the process. Those millionaires along with Robert Dean formed a club called the TopGun International that was designed to help many more people achieve record-breaking success in a short period of time. A magazine called TopGun Success was created in the process as a success training and development guide for his distributors.

Why Did Robert Leave Tahitian Noni To Join Evolv Health LLC?

The question still lingers to this day as a lot of network marketing industry leaders are still baffled by his decision to leave Morinda after having so much success with that company. It is safe to say that Robert Dean Jr. sees himself as an long term investor. He is always on the lookout for remarkably profitable opportunities that will not only give him a really good return on his investment of both money and time, but at the same time, for his team members too. One characteristic that people admire in Robert is his unwavering passion to help them achieve their dreams of becoming financially independent.

Is Evolv A More Profitable Company With More Income Earning Potential?

With the bottled water industry being a highly competitive industry as more new companies are struggling to gain market share, Evolv is positioning itself as the first bottled water distribution company to market water with their patented Archaea Active ingredient that is designed to increase oxygenation at the cellular level resulting in increased levels of energy.

This is a really unique twist to the energy drink market that is most often loaded with sugar, caffeine, preservatives, and, last but not least, calories. Could Robert Dean Jr. see the revenue generating potential of persuading energy drink enthusiasts to switch over to Evolv water products? That remains to be seen.

Who would have, in their wildest dreams, thought that bottled water can give you energy? And health and wellness too? Based on my observation, I would conclude that Robert Dean Jr. has made a wise decision by joining Evolv and brought all his team members from Morinda’s Tahitian Noni and Monavie with him too. This is a perfect illustration of why people join people, not companies. Robert Dean Jr. already embodies the spirit and characteristics of a true team leader who cares about his team member’s success.


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