In search engines, websites are very keenly observed before being ranked and it is very obvious if we end up making certain small mistakes. However, nobody is aware about the fact that these small mistakes can cause serious blunders to their websites. The most important requirement for developers is that they should recognize their mistakes, correct them as soon as possible using good online reputation management skills and remove Google results that act against them. There are certain basic mistakes, which are made by almost every web designer. In every content, core is their keyword. It is true that keywords are important. However, what it also needs is the proper use of keyword in the content rather than any stuffing.

Keyword stuffing can be easily recognized by search engine and this can be harmful to fix online reputation of the website. Therefore, the best process for achieving good rank is to avoid keyword stuffing. Other biggest mistake done by designers is that they once they design their website, they hardly care for it. They just wait for its ranking to get good automatically. However, to fix online reputation of the website, it requires as much care as one can do and also requires timely update of its content. Therefore, that search engine can easily index its content.

Good online reputation management is required for taking such intelligent steps. By avoiding such silly mistakes, one can easily wins the trust of search engine, remove Google results and get better links for website. Most importantly, according to search engine’s requirement, a flawless website can even get the 0-4th position in search engine.

Source by Arthur Paddock

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