It’s a well-known fact of life that it is easier to deal with a single person on a face-to-face basis than it is to deal with an anonymous company which employs a number of staff and which, by definition, results in a turnover of staff from time to time as people move on in their careers. By the time a person decides to become freelance invariably they have done all the moving-on necessary for their careers and, by using a freelancer you will be able to establish a degree of stasis.

While there is always going to be a place in business for the Web-designing companies that employ many personnel, for my money I would always use a freelance Web Designer through personal choice. One of the reasons for this is that, when I need work done on my website, I want to be able to reach the same person who worked on my site before – not one of their colleagues to whom I would have to explain all my likes and dislikes all over again.

My freelance Web Designer knows perfectly well that I hate video and sound on my website – and I have absolutely no intention to explain all over again that ‘Yes, I know it’s cool, but it’s my website and I don’t want it – and no, I don’t really need to explain why’. It wastes my time and, when running any small business, time is precious. Contact any freelancer and they will know you by your first name and should be able to recall your site in their minds as you talk to them on the phone – I say ‘should’: if they can’t you might be advised to go elsewhere anyway! With a freelance Web Designer you are buying an individual approach to the design of your website: in fact, your website will become part of their portfolio so you know they are going to do a good job for you.

When researching this article to write I visited two Web Designers featured on Google. Both were freelancers and both had years of experience. The first one I clicked on, I stayed on that site for less than 2 seconds – in fact, I didn’t even wait around for that person’s site to fully load. The second site I visited I spent 20 minutes on the site, reading the information there in detail and, had I been looking for a freelance Web Designer at this present time, I would most certainly have chosen this person – without even having the knowledge of cost.

While these were both freelance Web Designers, I know the designer on the first site would have produced exactly what I asked for. I suspect the designer on the second site may have been attempting to move into the freelance market from being employed by a web design company. The first company was all about what they could do for me: the second company appeared to project more about how my work could further their career. Perhaps I am being unfair, but that is how I perceive the work from designers employed by a web design company: give me a freelancer every time!

Source by Rakesh Sharma Jack

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