In presenting this article about GFX Writer, a review of the graphics creation software program, I must first make an admission. I owned the product for a number of months before I ever installed it, and then it was an even longer time before I started using it. Like so many individuals who find themselves “graphics designed challenged”, I assumed that this graphics program was complicated, would be difficult to understand and even harder to use. To my pleasant surprise, when I finally made the attempt to use it, I found that quite the opposite is true.

GFX Writer is a complete software program for developing simple website design elements including webpage headers and footers, and product cover designs for ebooks, CD case covers, DVD box covers, 3-ring binder covers and more. For creating headers, the program allows users to use blank header graphics or to create new headers completely from scratch. The program basically takes you through a four-step process, which allows you to begin with a blank header, add text and formatting elements, choose colors and any text effects, then save your graphic and export it.

Before I began using GFX Writer, I was accustomed to using software that was difficult to use or didn’t provide me nearly the design variety or level of quality in results that I required. But, I have found GFX Writer extremely easy to use, surprisingly “fun”, and capable of producing results that are quite professional-looking. The other very important thing about this software is that it is specifically designed for people like me. If you are NOT a “graphics genius”, and you are “artistically challenged”, don’t own Photoshop, or don’t know what Photoshop is accept that people use it to make graphics with, then GFX Writer was designed for you.

GFX Writer is a Windows utility program, is completely compatible with Windows XP and Vista, and installs to your computer almost instantly. The program comes with very simple and easy-to-understand instructions, and after performing an initial 3 or 4 steps, I felt very comfortable with the software and soon found myself operating the program like a “pro”. And since beginning to use the program to create my graphics, I’ve never looked back.

GFX Writer comes with first-rate technical support (not that you’ll need it, but it’s always nice to know it’s there in case you have a question or run into some unforeseen problem) that offers prompt response, as well as upgrades to the software (“tweaks” and minor improvements, not feature additions) that are free.

So, if you find that you need graphics design help, but find the cost of hiring graphics professionals is out of reach, you may want to try GFX Writer. A review of the program and it’s features demonstrates that it’s simple to understand, easy to use and still gives you the professional graphics design results you need.

Source by Kimberly Clay

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