Google is the most popular internet search engine and even if we have to admit the popularity of such tools as yahoo, msn and altavista – Google is the leader nowadays. If you would like to trick Google – the answer is – it is virtually impossible, however it is possible to get high rank on yahoo or altavista. We got our top position in our specialization: Great Plains Dexterity on all the three: google, Yahoo and altavista, so, if you don’t mind let me share our experience.

o Information versus commercial sites. If you are enthusiast of something and you do not do it for profit – chances are that Google will sponsor your activity by ranking your website higher than commercial sites, trying to make money on your subject

o Links. Google seems to be voting machine – the more links you have the better your rank is. However be sure that signing thousand of guest books per day will not contribute as much as you would like to expect, read the next paragraph.

o Expertise Ranking. This is the most funny part of the secret, and I wonder how Google handles such a volume of information, gathered by its web-spiders. If you want to be ranked high in stuffed animals sections – you need to get thousand of links back to you from the sites, who are experts in stuffed animals in the eyes of Google

o Google dance. Well – do not be discouraged if suddenly your rank drops – Google uses to reshuffle its ranking on the daily basis. If you keep sticking to the links generation – your site will be back on the top

o Google Trivia. Well – if you look back on the internet ranking classic publications then you should get these ideas: if your URL is then more likely you will get higher rank than somebody who is trying to place stuffed animals into the keywords. And this is understandable – if you pay for your web site name – more likely you are dedicated to the subject.

Source by Andrew Karasev

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