It has been an occasional trend that each year, Google changes its search algorithm method from 500-600 times. Nonetheless, as much as these changes are trivial, since they happen every few months, the ‘major’ algorithmic change affects search results.

These minimal changes are very much important to search marketers, as they affect the rank and organic website traffic. They affect search engine optimization. Amongst the common and crucial Google seo updates are the Panda 3.9, Link Warnings, Panda 3.8, Penguin 1.1 and Knowledge Graph among the many. The updates being named in accordance to place, or a known Google engineer.

Why the change?

Google engineers pointed out the changes are mostly targeting webspam. The changes are done to reduce the sites that have been violating Google’s existing quality guidelines. The changes are also done to promote high quality content, this improving the search engine users an improved and satisfactory experience.

The changes also target white hat seo methods other than engaging in unproductive webspam tactics. Hence it helps in tracking the manipulative websites. The latest update was to minimize over optimized websites which may have many unnatural links, spinning of automated content, overstuffing of keywords and many more. It also pointed out that it was to reduce the many add ons or ‘above the fold’ that are found on websites, hence the user getting to the content immediately.

How the updates work

The Google engineers pointed out that search engine optimization can be very much positive and constructive should the individual pages be accessible. They can mainly achieve this by using a better ‘white hat’ search engine optimization where there is good marketing of websites and more compelling substance to the user. The opposite of this method is where some websites use loopholes and shortcuts and yet provide unsatisfactory answers to the user.

A good seo update example is the ‘above-the -fold’ technique where, should a site pass the recommended degree and make it hard to find the original content of the site or the user to discern faster, once the algorithmic updates are put on, the site’s ranking drops. However, the changes are also affected by the number of pages on the site, how quickly Googleboot can scan the content among many others.

Reflection to the Marketing Services

Many researchers went to point out that the Google seo update was not to favor others as it received harsh criticism from some online market services websites, but to make the use of search engines as memorable and satisfactory. Moreover, it may be tha the links Google targeted happened to be related to the websites affected.

The websites that mainly overused keywords, citation of some city names, or those that used the word ‘seo’, or web designing websites, were pretty much hit and their rankings reduced as expected. Among the few were money online websites, pharmaceuticals, office space industry or entertainment guide.

Suggested methods to improve one’s ranking

To keep up with Google SEO update, my recommendations are:

  • Update your content regularly
  • Reduce spinning and use hand re-written content
  • Add Google+1 button to your website
  • Release news content at least once a week
  • Use of video marketing
  • Upload fresh images often and original ones
  • Use different sources to fabricate your backings
  • Next time the seo update comes, take it head on and do your best.

Source by Vincent Mogoane

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