Grammar in the English Language

  • September 23, 2022
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One of the fundamental things, we picked up at school as tiny little kids was English grammar rules and norms. It was one of the most important things being taught. And the importance given to English grammar has not subsided over the years. It still has a quintessential status. The field of education has been undergoing many important changes; one of the major ones is them adapting a more holistic approach towards learning. It is often seen the most intelligent of students are undergoing hiccups when it comes to grammar. English grammar essentially functions of some fundamental rules which if one fails to pick up, one falters in learning the language itself. To pick up grammar easy and quick, one must indulge in elaborate reading of books, novels, magazines and mostly newspapers.

Grammar rules aren’t like rules in a game of chess or tennis and therefore there isn’t a rule book for grammar but what rules refer to is the correct usage of words and correct construction of sentences which is often not very easy for people. The rules and conventions of English grammar are nothing more than mere guidelines helping one to speak and write correct English.

We wouldn’t obviously go to jail for speaking wrong English like ‘Me was at work’. I would still understand what my friend means but definitely following grammar rules successfully can oft prove to be a way of improving self confidence when it comes to speaking. When we pick up a language it is important to know it in its totality. Half known knowledge is incomplete and hence is of no use. Moreover when two people are communicating, the message of the sender should be very clear to the receiver. Grammatically incorrect English might be interpreted incorrectly and hence there might be communication lapses. To avoid such things it is important to learn correct usages of words.

Grammar might lose its value in verbal communication but when it comes of communication in writing, it might create troubles as one cannot interpret what exactly the sender was trying to tell the receiver. A sentence if grammatically incorrect might actually turn out to have a different meaning than a grammatically correct one. Thus grammar rules are there to ensure a sentence puts forward the user’s intended meaning

When at workplace, the aura of it is highly professional and one must maintain a certain degree of formality with all so it is important to speak in the correct fashion, with correct pose and posture, going with the decorum of the place. In such places causal incorrect English doesn’t fit in. It is important to look credible and professional at these places. Grammar in school till today remains the focus of basic education to impart the importance of correct language to students so that they grow up to be able communicators.

English has its own variety like Pidgin English which is considered lower than British English. English spoken by urbane elite is different from those of the commoners, both in grammar rules and pronunciation. It is always emphasized that one learns the right words and its right usage so that people around have no problem in understanding what the person is actually saying.


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