Search engine optimize articles are quiet in demand these days. So it’s not quiet enough to learn writing in the old way, using correct grammar and punctuations, but you must also learn on how to write articles that can be recognized easily by search engines so as to increase the search engine rankings of the site you are writing to.

It is a must that you must learn the latest updates in search engine algorithms to know how to format the articles you write. Articles that are fresh and unique are certainly approved by these ever changing rules. Aside from that you must do the right placement of keywords in the articles to obtain powerful ranking for the topic you are writing for.

If you are in need of a guide in writing SEO articles then this is the post that’s right for you. Here you’ll get some tips that can be applied in writing SEO articles that are effective and informative as well.

1.    Keyword research

Before you write an article, you need to find keyword or keyword phrases that you should write about. These keyword/s should be in line with the theme of your website. You can also use the Keyword Tracker Tool so you can check for appropriate and relative keywords along with information about their popularity through the number of searches they get per month. It is also useful to know that you must look for keywords with less competition and medium searches. For example: If you’re website is about “SEO” then you might want to use the Keyword Tracker Tool to get more keywords related to this area. Check out this illustration:

As you can see, there are more than 25,000 related keywords to the terms “SEO“. I only have inserted a few. You can see that the term “seo” has a lot of searches but the keyword “seo company” only have moderate searches. So it would be ideal to use the keyword phrase “seo company” for your article, since there are a lot of articles vying for the keyword “seo” in the internet compared to “seo company“. You can also use the other less competitive keywords on the list ti create other articles but  be sure that these keywords generate enough hits.

2.    Write articles that are fresh and unique.

You now have keywords for your articles, all you have to do is to research about it and create a unique and fresh content. Make sure that it’s informative enough so the readers will gain something out when they read it. Internet users tend to come back to websites and blogs that they adhere as an authority to a particular subject they are interested in.

3.    Keyword Placement and Density

It is important that you place the keywords you are using at proper places within the article and at the proper amount. What I mean is that, spider crawlers approved articles that have at least 1% of keyword repetition in it. If you are making a 500 word article, you must repeat the keyword 5 times within the article. But the keyword density varies with the changes in search engine algorithms.

Keywords must be place usually in the title of the article, the first paragraph and the last paragraph and the rest must be scattered within the article.

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