Home Based Business Opportunity – Great Time to Begin Your SEO For Your Business Opportunity?

  • September 23, 2022
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If you are looking at driving business opportunity leads to your web site using SEO (Search engine optimization), there has never been a better time to begin doing so now.

Why is that?

It really has not been all that long ago since the internet first began. I actually worked for the first ISP(Compuserve) in the early 1980’s. At that time, internet access was achieved through the use of modems specifically. Speeds were at 110 and 300 baud and the network was using something called X.25 which is a packet switching protocol. The internet has evolved dramatically since then. It was not really until much higher access speeds to the internet could be achieved that having a home based business via the internet became a simple thing to do. Once that happened, placing phone calls, downloading and uploading files, having conference calls, obtaining web sites that come up quickly, etc. etc. became possible.

It is at this time that marketing became a big deal using the internet. Search engines like Yahoo and Google as well as many others became major sources of looking and finding whatever you needed on the internet.

It is also at this time that SEO (search engine optimization) was born. It is a “big deal” to have your web site at the top of any search engines front page for specific words that people might use when they are searching for something using their computer.

It is also at this time that if a person knew what they were doing and how search engines work, they could easily take their web site presence to the top page of a search engine without doing much work. These clever individuals would either use “black hat” (being sneaky) or various other ways that were legal but probably unethical.

With that all said…to my point!

Now more than at any time, search engines like Google have turned SEO into a level playing field for everyone! It has become very difficult for anyone to cheat the system. You can begin using SEO even if your a novice. There is a learning curve but there really is not any better way to drive traffic to your home based business opportunity than leads of this stature. These are people who are “looking” for what you have to offer! You can not have a better lead than that.

There is a second point I would like to make.

The last I had heard, the internet was growing at about 20,000 users a day. I heard recently that the number has gone way up. Internet users are supposed to double every six months.

Why bring that up? It is going to become more and more competitive using SEO to get your web site to the top positions in the search engines. In fact, it is easy to see more people getting involved with a home based business with the economy going to pieces.

That is why if you are looking to get involved with a business opportunity, now is the best time to do it. Especially if you are planning on using SEO to get business opportunity leads to your site!


Source by Jim Eberle

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