It is no mystery how blogging makes money online. The basic components are simple enough. The challenge is in executing these components with skill, sincerity and purpose.

Blogs are very common today. The word blog is actually a shortened form of web log. Originally, they were a way to create a social meeting place for friends and families separated by time and distance. These were the original social sites before Facebook and MySpace.

It did not take long for entrepreneurs to see the benefit of creating a blog to meet the specific needs of a larger audience. That larger audience is what we would term a niche. Once a niche was determined, content could be posted which would be useful to readers, provide solutions to their problems, and provide a platform from which to generate income for the blogger.

Here is a short list of basic components of a blog.

1. Find Your Niche. What is your passion, interest, concern? Are you part of a larger audience of people who share it? Then you have a niche. It could be a hobby such as kite flying, interior decorating, homeschooling, or a business related to nutritional products, exercise equipment, or skin care.

2. Research Your Niche Is your niche profitable? Are there products associated with it that you could sell to make income directly or through commissions? If nobody needs a book, a new kite pattern, better health or smoother skin, then you can still make money by installing AdSense and other advertising to your blog, but you will never make much. Re-examine your niche. Try a Google search for your niche and see what the competition is offering.

3. Keyword Research The name of your blog should be a keyword or phrase that folks might type into the search bar on Google. This will help people to find you organically. That means, if your blog is titled, Save Your Marriage Now, chances are that people typing in any number of phrases about this subject will find you. Of course, there are other means needed to drive traffic, that is, visitors to your blog. The process of in depth keyword research and strategies to bring traffic will be covered in future articles.

4. Create Your Blog Once you have a great title for your blog, it is time to build a site. This is not a fancy website at all. In fact, it is more of an online journal format and there are free formats available so that you can get started. is a good one and it belongs to Google, therefore it is easier to get ranked high on the Google search pages. Most serious bloggers use or You might look them over and see what looks easier to use. They are all very user friendly and practical for the purposes of a blog.

5. Add Content The purpose of a blog is to provide information, solutions, even a place for interaction with a community of people. It is a social site, so it is a good idea to allow people to comment and share info and insights. You are going to build trust with your visitors, establish yourself as an authority on the subject of your niche, and perhaps be entertaining in your own unique way. You are your blog, so don’t hesitate to shine through in you writing style. Be conversational, not a lecturer. Visit other blogs to learn what attracts you to it. Just go to Google and type in for example, homeschooling blog, to find many examples. Once people find your blog and enjoy reading it, they will click on what you offer and make a purchase. They may also click on advertising and make a purchase. You make money when they click through your blog. There are more details about creating these offers and placing advertising which will need to be addressed.

6. Contact Form Offer a free newsletter or eBook related to your niche in exchange for a visitor’s contact information. In this way, you can build a list of subscribers, people who are very interested in the same things you are. You will need to open an email responder service to create this contact form and a series of emails.

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