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I was having a chat with a client this morning concerning generating traffic to her website. She was heavily wrapped up in the in’s and out’s of how Google Panda was impacting her company and was peering over reports from analytics, but could not seem to get her mind around what was impacting her ability to obtain traffic to her site.

Just before our meeting, I had taken a quick look at her site statistics and found out that she had done a terrific job of optimizing her on page activities. I had also noticed that her competition was around a good deal longer then her, had optimized sites and had thousand upon 1000’s of backlinks.

So my first suggestion to her was, that I felt that she shouldn’t waste a lot of time trying to compete for organic position to get placement. There were 2 reasons for this. The first being that she was really far behind and it’d take months, if not years to get there without black hat methods. Even worse several of these tactics might get her slapped by Google. The next issue was, that her competition was also using SEO and their pages were also optimized and would continue to stay ahead of her.

So, should she give up? The answer is a clear NO! There are several ways to generate traffic to a site besides the Organic SEO methods. I explained to her, she should still add content to her site and optimize it, but should also add some extra traffic techniques to her arsenal.

How To Produce Traffic Generation

Some of the best traffic comes from your online contacts. You must develop relationships with people you’ve gotten to know. Specifically, those who have an interest in the products and services you offer. Therefore the question then becomes, where do I find and grow this base of friends?

The answer is a simple one. You need to focus on social media sites which are a fit with your market. You can also concentrate on social media sites which are more generic like Facebook, but make sure you look for the groups which are applicable to your business. Focusing your efforts on the general population will not do you near as much good as the targeted groups.

Once you have found groups that are within your target, become a member of that group and begin to friend the people who are group members. Keep in mind, and this is significant, making friends doesn’t mean slobbering all over them with your latest sales pitch. Try and sell your new friends before you get to know them and you’ll have more enemies then friends. The Web is pretty good at ignoring you without you even knowing it, if you do that kind of stuff.

Converting Traffic To Business

Assuming you follow this path and start to create a sizable base of targeted friends, then what? How can you convert those people to sales? This might be among the most important aspects of this process. Without sales, all you are doing is building a sizable base of friends. It’s great to have a lot of friends on Facebook and Twitter, but last time I checked, the bank does not recognize “I have friends” as a form of payment.

So to move you friends, you must do a few things:

1) Give them quality content that pertains to your new friends.

2) Along with that content, invite them to take a look at your blog or web page to receive more details.

3) Make a free, or at the very least, irresistible offer.

4) Get their name and email address in trade for your offer.

5) After you have their information, send them regular updates on your products and applicable information,

6) Over Time they’ll buy something.

If you do that on a regular basis, your base of followers will grow and will begin to trickle into sales. As the base grows, so should the sales. After you have a good database built up. Then you can tweak your stats to determine how to improve your web page.

Also, as you start growing your visitors through social media, your page position will even improve since, there will be more people who are viewing it and for a longer time. So you obtain more traffic and you improve your organic ranking a win/win!

Source by Scott Schreiber

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