I use one of the many premium link tracking packages available but it is well worth the money. I found a one time only purchase that you can install onto as many sites as you own if you wish. I have installed it onto the two main web sites that I direct traffic to from the articles I have submitted to article directories. It is working very well and also has the bonus that you can see when the articles team are reviewing that particular article.

I found the install instructions were very simple; it was simply a matter of loading all the files to my website, creating a database (this is far easier than you may think) and running a simple install program. When all is up and running, you simply change the file permissions on one file and delete the install file for security and you are done.

Some packages can run single or multiple campaigns and some can also run sub campaigns. I set up my campaign for my article submissions and also added a sub campaign so I can see how every single article is performing. Actually, I set up 2 campaigns on different web sites. One campaign was for a traffic building website and the other campaign was for a coach training web site. I didn’t have to set up the sub-campaigns. As long as the correct code was included in the link, the software added the sub campaign automatically.

The software I use has full statistical reports built in so I can either see an overview of an entire campaign or I can see individual sub campaigns (1 sub campaign for each article link).

Although you have to create the main campaign, there is no need to set up the sub campaigns. You can reset the statistics to zero at any time. This is ideal if you want to check the tracking links before your article goes live. I set up the main campaign, let’s say, to track articles and use the sub campaign to track individual emails.

I wrote the links for the sub campaigns 10 at a time in a web editor using HTML and saved them, one HTML page for each web site. Each time I want to set up another batch of article tracking codes, I do a global search and replace and I have another 10 ready done codes. This saves considerable time.

You can point the links to any URL you like; you don’t have to point it to a specific directory. As well as a standard HTML website type package you can also purchase tracking software as a WordPress plugin on its own instead of the HTML website package.

Source by David A Clark

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