How To Attract High Quality Network Marketing Leads by Blogging

  • September 23, 2022
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Build a continuous pipeline of network marketing leads, regularly convert even a small percentage to new distributors and you will succeed in your business opportunity. This article addresses how blogging can help you build such a pipeline of quality MLM leads.

As a starting point, the kind and quality of network marketing leads you attract online will be in direct proportion to how well you can build a relationship with your visitors, give them multiple reasons to trust you, and offer valuable help and guidance.

If you do these things well you will attract prospects who see you as a way to solve their most pressing problems and they will more likely be open to doing business with you.


There is probably no better platform with which to accomplish these goals than by creating and promoting you own blog. Having your own blog gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, show your human side and provide valuable content to prospective network marketing leads.

Blogs are easy to create, and by taking the time to learn some fundamental blogging skills you can make your blog attractive to Google and other search engines. This will allow your MLM prospects to find you, get to know and trust you, and at some point want to join your business.

Begin With Great Content

But while blogs are easy to start, they do require that you regularly add content if you want yours to be ranked highly in the search engines.

The starting point of any successful blog therefore is great content. Don’t expect to attract a lot of followers if you mostly blog about the weather and your plans for the weekend. Constantly look for topics that can really help your ideal readers and build your content around those topics.

Here’s a tip. Develop a list of important keywords in your marketplace and create a Google Alert around each keyword. Then set up a spare Gmail account just to receive these alerts.

Google will then deliver to your email inbox a daily or weekly report of up to 20 online articles, videos, blog posts, news items etc. relating to each keyword phrase you selected. Scan through these each day and you’ll soon have far more topics to write about than you can produce–and plenty of network marketing leads coming your way.

Learn Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your content should be enjoyable for your human readers (i.e your prospective network marketing leads) and also written in a way that appeals to the search engines and allows them to easily index your content. If your content isn’t indexed no one will find it in a search on your keyword topics, and you will attract few if any prospective network marketing leads.

Therefore every time you write a new post or article for your blog you should optimize it for the search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is easier than it sounds, and even a total newbie can learn fundamental techniques that just take a few extra minutes to include in every post, but will make a big difference to how Google and other engines index your content.

I strongly recommend you create your blog using WordPress, which is search engine friendly to begin with. The better you get at SEO, the more targeted network marketing leads will find your content and eventually get to know about you and your business opportunity.

And here’s another tip. I use a commercial WordPress plugin called Scribe that makes it really easy to optimize every post and article on my blog. I recommend you use this plugin too. (There is a cost to subscribe however.)

Don’t Forget Social Networking

Once you’ve produced good quality content that is fit for human and search engine consumption, there are many ways for you to spread this content far and wide on the Web, including social networking.

Social networking is a vast topic unto itself, but by spreading the news about your content on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites, you help generate activity on your blog. Google loves activity (meaning human activity) which it interprets as an indication that your content is worthwhile.

As more and more potential network marketing leads find you and interact with your content on social media sites, this activity will begin to elevate your blog in Google’s eyes.

Build Your List With An Opt-In Form

Don’t let all that hard won traffic to your site come and go without capturing some of it so you can continue to interact with and market to these visitors. Be sure to place a prominently positioned opt-in form on your blog, and include a strong incentive for visitors to sign up for your newsletter or special offer.

You’ll soon have a steady supply of network marketing leads coming to you every day, just waiting for you to give them a reason to join your MLM business.


Source by Vincent Czaplyski

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