Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important factors for a website to be found by internet browsers. By using words and phrases that are popular searches, it increases the likelihood of a website being towards the top in page rankings, which of course is the ultimate SEO goal. There is much more involved to attain a good ranking than simply adding a few keywords to website content and hoping for the best.


When trying to get the best website presence, there are a number of tactics that should be used together in order to achieve the highest page rank possible.

  • Title Tags – Using relevant keywords in title tags is a little trick that gets missed very frequently yet is an essential part of SEO. Page titles show up in search results, so using keywords and phrases as part of these title tags promotes initial visibility even before any keywords in the content. When a website appears in search results with a good, clear title, it is also much more user-friendly in how the link reads, which increases the likelihood of a page visit.
  • Page Design – A fairly in-depth part of creating good SEO involves everything from the specific HTML coding used for a page and avoiding Flash whenever possible to ensuring that alt tags are filled in on any images. It all helps make a site more search-friendly by web browsers. Some more aspects of good SEO design include: customized continuation link text; individual page title tags; multiple means of navigation as opposed to only one menu bar; internal linking within a website; ensuring that all links work correctly and are consistent; user-friendly page URLs; incoming links to relevant anchor text; thorough use of tags, shares and feeds; and many more.
  • Social Media – Social media is critical to SEO and page rank in the way it is used and spread. Getting a name and brand visibility and gaining followers serves to increase not only the chance for more people to visit a main website; it also increases being seen by web browsers because of more backlinks between websites, social profiles and followers. Social media is the fastest and cheapest advertising today due to how it works and how it promotes good search engine optimization behind the scenes of any business site or social page.
  • Email Newsletters, etc. – Email newsletters containing relevant information and links to a site can increase visits tremendously as can polls or quizzes; comments left on other blogs or forums with a backlink; giveaways; freebies and coupons; and mobile websites. All of these things add the number of links to the same site and keywords and are there to increase visibility by search engines.
  • SEO Tools – There are tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to provide relevant and valuable information. It is possible to track performance, keyword, and visitor statistics with the many free tools available; this can help determine if changes need to be made in SEO and which changes will work the best.

This list is in no way complete, as there could be volumes written on ways to increase traffic to a website via SEO. This does offer some fundamental aspects that should receive attention in order to better direct any effort towards better page ranking. While knowing how to implement good SEO can be a complex subject at times, any experienced internet marketing specialist in an area can help the less experienced understand more about modifying existing websites or in building SEO into a new one from the ground up. This will result in the goal of bringing clients to a website with great Search Engine Optimization!

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