If you are new to Internet Marketing and wish to start an affiliate marketing website but don’t know where to begin, this article will help you get started. Creating a new website is simple but do remember that your affiliate site should be viewed as a long-term commitment and not a get rich solution. It does not work this way.

1. Content Management

I do recommend using WordPress as the content management system because this platform is so easy and flexible to use.

2. What Topics To Choose

Do not make the common mistakes of new marketers by trying to focus on the latest trends. Instead, focus on topics that really interest you. Write down about 5 things that you are most passionate about and choose the best one in which you think you like to be doing on a long-term basis.

3. Domain Name

There isn’t a need to worry too much about what domain name to choose so long as it is relevant to your topic. Choose something short and easy to remember and register it for one year since you can easily extend it anytime you like. It costs you less than ten dollars to register a domain for a year.

4. Hosting Account

There are essentially two types of hosting accounts that you can consider. In the first type, shared servers can support your site while for the other type they provide a dedicated server for your site. Since you are just starting out on a new affiliate marketing website, having a shared hosting plan is good enough. Most hosting companies provide affordable pricing at less than ten dollars a month.

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