There’s something incredibly special about the delicate beauty of a freshly born child that a newborn baby website will capture. That’s possibly the greatest benefit about one of these types of sites. Your new child will take a lot of time and will leave you feeling exhausted. Probably too exhausted to regularly send updates to all your friends and family. Putting all the photos and updates online lets you keep everyone in the loop. Plus it helps you remember those precious moments you may have been too tired to cherish.

Getting pages up on the World Wide Web isn’t as difficult as it once was many years ago during the first few years of Internet use. In fact, it’s so easy even the most technologically unsavvy person can easily get up a page in minutes.

If you’re really tired and time pressed, then you may want to check out the options available on hosted wizard sites. These provide a general domain name and web hosting for free if you can handle the banner ads on your site. If you don’t like the advertising, all you need to do is pay what is usually a reasonable fee, and you’ll have ad-free web pages.

Hosted wizard sites can be set up in mere minutes using templates available. The sites provide easy-to-understand directions that will explain everything from changing the background color to uploading photos. A few sites to check out if you want to create a newborn baby website quickly are,, and

Using blog software to create your web page is a great option if you’re planning on having quite a few updates along with your photos. There are loads of blogging software tools available and a simple web search will bring up many. If you don’t have time to search, check out what WordPress has to offer. It’s one of the most popular of all the blogging softwares available. The hosted version, is online for easy access, but has limited themes and options. needs to be downloaded onto your computer, but the available options and themes will impress you. Either version is easy-to-use with a quick set-up.

If you have the money, you can always hire a designer to create a page for you. Or ask a family member or friend to do you a favor. For designers on the cheap, check out the students in the design courses at your local college. Who knows? One of them may be willing to create your newborn baby website for free or a very small fee as a way to create their portfolios!

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