Do you have problems supporting your business goals because you have an imperfect website? Here are the common reasons:

You might not be able to have the proper corporate training

There is political opposition to change.

There are scheduling: everybody else’s project comes before our own site.

The current marketing team inherited an outdated or lousy website.

But you may be wondering, “If my site is imperfect and-for whatever reason-I cannot fix it right now, should I even bother with SEO?” Here are some ideas for approaching SEO while you are waiting for your site to come up with your company’s goals:

Work on getting traffic, but lower your expectations for sales (or whatever action you want your visitors to perform) for the time being. When you perform your monthly rank checks during your SEO campaign, you may notice an upswing in traffic, which you can use to motivate your people to make some positive changes to the site.

Focus on off-page SEO activities. While you are waiting to make your site attractive, you can always work on removing outdated listings and cleaning up old links to your site.

As a last resort, if your current site is so hopeless that it is actually doing your business more harm than good, you might decide to take drastic measures and disinvite the search engines.

Proper SEO takes time, diligence, and patience. Getting accurate test results is a matter of months, not hours or days. You have to be willing to work and have the patience to watch your experiments to make sure that things are going the way you want them to.

Source by Jared Smilton

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