How to Deal With Sex While Unemployed

  • September 23, 2022
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Unemployment is hard enough on finances, budgeting and other aspects of money. However, being unemployed is a blow to romance as well as the pocket. Losing one’s job can also cause a loss of libido that can further strain a relationship.

– Understand sexual desires can be threatened – Whoever is the bread-winner and suddenly suffers unemployment can also feel a loss of sexual prowess. The other partner can also feel a shift in romantic feelings as their spouse loses their self-esteem and energy levels. Understanding that sexual desires can be threatened will prepare you for what may come. Reiterate your passion for each both physically and emotionally. Keep words of both encouragement and lust coming.

– Communicate about your sex life – Talk, talk and talk. Talking about both the employed’s and unemployed’s feelings of intimacy will keep lines open about the bedroom highs and lows you’ll face. The more you communicate, the more you’ll both stay on each other’s mind and in each other’s mental bedroom. Without talking, sex while unemployed will find no support. Few things are as sexually igniting as having a best friend / lover.

– Explore new sexiness – With job loss there does come extra time gained, use it for self-discovery and sexual discovery. Use this time to exercise and get healthy in order to get your body to new levels of energy and sexuality. Consider new fantasies or old fantasies never fulfilled. Take this time off to explore new sexiness. Think about role playing or wearing sexy clothing (or no clothing) when the working spouse comes through the door!

– Keep having sex – Often when unemployed, one’s focus becomes completely on job-hunting. While that is a good thing, focusing on getting work is only healthy if its balanced out maintaining the good things in life: like sex. Don’t forget the nurture the relationships, including the sexual part of it. Date whether its like the old days or low-key because of money. Flirt, touch and keep up the physical parts of your relationship.

Being unemployed can be a blow to one’s self-esteem and especially to one’s sex life. While couples can struggle in the checkbook, they can also suffer in the bedroom. But by seeking to understand that sexual desires can be threatened, remembering to communicate, taking time to explore new sexiness and continuing to have intimacy, a couple can keep sex while unemployed.


Source by Chad Hunter

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