Make the post transformative

Try and understand what the transformation is that you want your audience to have after they read your blog post that you’re going to create, it’s about how they are before and after they read it, how they feel and what they got out of it, the transformation. This is a good way for you to outline your blog post for the rest of it. How To Do Your Best Content Creation | 10 Tips

Outline your thoughts

After you have your transformation in mind, working backwards off of it is how you create your outline. Now it doesn’t matter how you end up creating your outline, you can do it using a mind map, I like to use sticky notes. However you chose to do it just make sure that you take the ideas in your head about these particular transformation and just put them all out there and that will help you organize for later, this will be the skeleton for your blog post. Try to have your outline in place before your start writing, it will make life much easier, trust me.

Start by engaging readers

It doesn’t matter what kind of content you are creating, a blog post, an article, etc. The number one thing you have to realize is that you need to start strong. People are gonna go there either because of you or because of the topic and unless you hook them in the beginning they are not gonna want to continue on. The purpose of the intro of your blog post is to keep people reading, the purpose of the first sentence is to get them to read the second sentence and so on. So start strong, well how do you do that? There are a lot of ways to do that but personally I like to start with a story. Human beings love stories and seem to engage more when a story is involved. Make sure the story is relatable to who your transition audience is.

I also love to ask and induce certain questions that may bring out the audience’s curiosity, or you can start out with a really interesting fact or concept that might have been unheard of before. All these things are going to help your readers continue to read on and feel as if there is something worth reading on.

Don’t write in WordPress

OK, you might be wondering what I mean by this and ask yourself, well where do I write my blog post? I recommend against writing in WordPress because of not being able to save your progress frequently and the tendency for it to crash and well what happens then? You will lose everything you have just spent time creating, sad huh?

Be safe with your content creation by using Google Docs. Google docs is free and has an auto save feature which is awesome. It’s also easily accessible and shareable, you can organize your content into separate folders, separate categories and all the sorta stuff to make it really easy to find later and it’s all there in your Google Docs. Another thing when you start is to just write, don’t start editing while you write, just write all you can and clean it up later, that’s why it’s called editing.

Relevant and interesting title

These are very important because these are things people see before they get to your blog post, make sure they are eye catching and appealing to your audience. This has to do with SEO – search engine optimization, truly one of the best ways for organic traffic and very important in content marketing. It will give you the best chance to be found organically through search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. Make sure your title is relevant and makes people want to click by bringing out curiosity. If your title and description are not interesting nobody will click through.

Make your blog post scannable

Don’t make your blog post one big paragraph, give your readers time to breathe by adding white space, which are breaks in your paragraphs. Different section adding to your outline is more eye appealing and makes for better mind bookmarking in a way for your readers.

Use images to break up text

Try to include visuals in your blog post like images, graphs, charts, and all kinds of things to support the points that you’re making in your blog post. Do not go overboard with this, it is very easy to do that so make sure you use your preview button to actually see what this thing looks like in the eyes of your readers, it’s a good way to see if they are placed correctly and if it makes sense.

Do not just add random images, they have to support the whole concept of your post. This is also a text breakup that makes your post easier to read and gives people something nice to look at on a subconscious level almost something memorable. People learn in visual ways now a days so doing all of these things is really beneficial for you in helping you stand out amongst the rest of the bloggers in this world.

Include a call to action

OK, tip #8 is a massively important tip especially if you want results from the blogging that you’re doing. Make sure to include a call to action, it doesn’t necessarily have to be at the end but I do recommend it. Although your call to action can be mentioned throughout your post, at the end seems to be the most rewarding for me when it comes to making money online. Try not to go overboard, 2 call to actions are enough per blog post.

Proofread before publishing

Please proofread out loud, I cannot stress enough how important this tip is. I swear I catch so many mistakes when reading out loud vs when I’m just reading to myself in my own mind. This is the best way in my opinion, your audience will be like hawks, picking apart your mistakes, post by post, day by day. Nobody is perfect so give yourself the best chance to come out with the best quality post you can by proofreading out loud. Also, having someone you know help edit can be to your advantage, highly recommended.

Don’t be a perfectionist

There is no such thing as the perfect blog post, you will hurt yourself by delaying your content from being put out there by trying to strive for perfection, your best bet will be to learn as you go and evaluate your posts later with analytics. I continue to make mistakes to this day as you will not be perfect, so just do your best and experience will come. Take all these tips and put them into action to give yourself a better chance with blogging for whatever your need is. After doing all this, hit publish and do not worry about being perfect.

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