How to Earn $75 a Day With Article Marketing ALMOST Like Clockwork

  • September 23, 2022
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I’m going to start this article with a confession.

It’s going to sound a bit like braggadocio, but in reality, it’s kind of the opposite.

I’ve written OVER 5,000 unique articles that have been submitted to OFFSITE content directories, for the purpose of driving traffic.

I’ve also managed, supervised and directed the submission of another 5,000 conservatively as well… which in toto, has resulted in many millions of readers, in a plethora of pen names, niches and markets that I couldn’t guesstimate if I tried.

And while I love writing… the truth is, it was A LOT of work. (and sometimes, I even ask myself, while it’s enabled me to do some sensational things and accomplish far more than most, if it truly was the easiest path to get where I am today)

That’s why it’s not really a bragging thing… as I’m occasionally envious of the folks who got the same results through easier effort.

That said, I still know of NO easier way to make money online, that sometimes… feels like being able to print cash from your content, and your keyboard.

If your goal is $50, $75 or $100 a day, the GOOD news is, you don’t need any real experience to get there.

Some will try to convince you it’s more complex. Take it from me. It’s not. You CAN do it… and I challenge you to prove it to yourself today.

You need content.

You need an offer. (preferably one of your own)

And you SHOULD have the ability to create a community as well, which traditionally is done through an opt in page, or a special type of blog that allows for user registrations.

I’m going to give you the BIGGEST secret to earning $75 (or any amount, actually) from article marketing that you won’t here anywhere else, but right here. (or at least said so succinctly)

It’s NOT about marketing.

It’s ONLY about MATH.

If you have an affiliate offer that has an EPC of $75 (average earnings per 100 visitors sent) and you want to make 75 bucks a day, mas o menos… ALL you need to do is send 100 visitors a day to the vendors landing page.

If the offer has an EPC of $150, you, you only need to send half as many.

Do these metrics vary a bit from person to person?

Of course they do. But they’re often very close… and all you have to do is tweak your traffic, and your article output, to hit your income goals. (very exciting, and something that I used to find very motivating when I first got started and needed MONEY bad!)


Source by Ian Ross Hollander

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