In this article, I’m going to show you how easy it is to embed video from a variety of sources into your blog or MySpace profile.

Digital video is definitely one of the best things to happen to the web and the success & growth of YouTube is evidence of that. As a long-time web developer, I remember the days before you could embed video on a web page and you had to have the BEST animated gif’s to jazz up your website! It sounds pretty sad but we had to make do!

Embedded video content is intended to be the focal point of a web page, so you need not focus too much on your web page’s design as much as you would’ve had to in the past. Take YouTube for example, they have the biggest archive of embedded video content in the world yet their website design is virtually non-existent. Do their users care? No, because the user’s experience is all about watching the video content and not admiring the design surrounding the video.

Do you want a piece of that pie? Let’s go…

STEP 1 – finding some video to embed

Do a search engine search for “urban videos” or “free videos” or “video codes” or something as such. Find a website that offers free video viewing and has an “embed code” listed with each video, then move to the next step.

STEP 2 – getting the code to embed the video

Once you’ve found the video you want to embed and it has an “embed code” listed with it, you’ll notice that the code will start with an html tag or tag. You needn’t know html to use this html code, so select the embed code then right-click/apple-click and select “copy” to copy it to your clipboard.

STEP 3 – embedding the video on your blog

I assume most people use blogger (Blogspot), WordPress or MySpace for their blogs… So go ahead and log in to your blog’s admin area where you create new blog posts or edit existing blog posts. Click on the “create new blog post” option (or something similar depending on your blog). Most blog sites allow you to view/edit the html of your blog post so click the “view html” option then right-click/apple-click in the blog content area and select “paste” to paste the embed code into the blog post. Now select “edit mode” (or something similar) and you’ll see an outline of where the video will appear; now add some text to your blog post and click “publish” or “post” to finish creating your new blog post with embedded video!

STEP 4 – embedding the video on your MySpace profile

Log in to your MySpace account and click on “edit profile”. You want the video to appear on a central part of your profile so click “edit bio” to add the video to your bio. While editing your bio, keep in mind that you still have the embed code copied to your clipboard. Click on the area of your bio where you’d like the video to appear then right-click/apple-click and select “paste” to paste the embed code into your bio. Save the changes, view your profile and there you go, your video is now embedded on your MySpace profile!

Source by Mason Ifejika

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