How To Implement Infographic Marketing For SEO

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In a new, digital world, you have to actually be creative to win in the marketing arena. Infographic marketing is a tremendous way to do content marketing, in a world where people are increasingly sharing and being influenced by web content.

SEO, or search engine optimization has changed over the years. No longer can you be good technically and establish good rank in the engines. You have to be create, engage people, and get a buzz around what you’re doing. Infographics an help you do that.

First, infographics are typically long, detailed images explaining a product, service or statistic. They can be used to inform people of certain things, to entertain, and to market products or services. Infographics, if they are in fact colorful and entertaining, can have a super positive influence on your audience.

So, how do we put it all together? Here’s how it works. If you create something inherently sharable, that people wouldn’t mind, or better yet, want to share with people in their social circles, you’ll get people spreading out your content to their followers and friends in the social spheres.

If you target a specific keyword, that you’re trying to rank for, on the actual blog post or page you create with the infographic on it, then you can in theory build some links to that page, get some buzz around it, maybe even create a video explaining it and post it on YouTube, linking back to the page with the infographic.

Tying it all together now. The goal is to create an infographic, explaining a story that has to do with your products or services, to get that content in front of as many people as you can in the social spheres, and then build relationships with bloggers and other online authorities that you think would eventually link to or share your infographic.

Optimize the title tags, of course, for the keywords you want to target. Crank out an awesome infographic, and start marketing it. Then, the goal is to create popularity around that page. Get that document linked to as much as you can. Get people talking about it.

You can use Twitter to search for “infographic” or related terms, and try to, in a non spammy kind of way, spread the buzz on the infographic you created. You can find people in related industries and get the graphic in front of them! Some people are looking for good content to link to, talk about and share. The mission becomes, find them!

In conclusion, infographic marketing is a very powerful strategy for marketing and SEO in a digital world. If you can create a graphic that is entertaining, informative, and sharable, it will help your online marketing objectives.


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