Okay, time is money and this article will help you make more of both so you can enjoy life more.

One quick way to add 100s subscribers to your list for free is not really known by many in the internet marketing circles, but I’ll go ahead and spill the beans here so you can get to building your list of quality subscribers quickly, with ease and at no cost.

Okay you may have heard parts of this method or even each part individually, but the way it works all together to get your web site slammed with all the traffic you could want over and over again still remains a mystery to many, so we’re about to share this secret.

Realistically, there won’t be but a few hundred or few thousand at the most who ever read this article, so you will still capitalize from the relatively limited number of people who will discover this and the even more limited number who actually get past the excuses between their ears and take action with these steps to such sweet traffic success.

I know you’re one of the ones who actually will take action. They are few and very far between and most of the ones who don’t take any real action actually tell themselves that they will one day or sometime later but I’m willing to bet as sure as you’re reading this article that “immediately” for some reason won’t be the best time. It’s just pure laziness really. You know it’s funny, the ones who won’t take action immediately (not you of course) will have the time to read this article and then go surf the net and read some other info, but when it comes time to actually do the things that will make them money, suddenly all the energy evaporates from their bodies and they become virtual zombies because they really (not you) fear success.

But you are going to take this virtual baton and run like the wind with it regardless of what any little smooth, syrupy and seducing voices try to whisper to you in order to stop you. If you are conscious of the struggle, then that puts you ahead of most.

Step One: Okay, go to Google and enter in internet marketing giveaways.

Step Two: Find the ones which are just about to launch or are just now live and still accepting contributors.

Step Three: Sign up for five of them right now.

Step Four: Use some of the products that you have private label rights to giveaway on your hard drive. If you don’t have any yet, then enter that term into Google in quotes with a plus sign afterward and type free after the plus sign. You’ll find some products, sales pages to edit and rights to claim authorship of them along with graphics and ecovers to each product.

Step Five: Okay, open up your HTML site editor like NVU or Dreamweaver and open your salespage which should be index.html in your editor.

Step Six: Edit your salespage with your name at both the “from” place and also in the closing.

Step Seven: Login to your PayPal and create a button by clicking the fourth option from the left called merchant services and then…

Step Eight: Click on the create a buy now button.

Step Nine: Follow the steps given on the screen and get the code for it.

In the place where it says URL to redirect to after successful payment completion,

Step Ten: Enter in the thank you page where your customers will download your product.

Step Eleven: Edit the product with your own links and name in a text editor.

Okay, Step Twelve: Now upload the salespage, product/thank you page files onto your server with filezilla and copy/paste.

Now you’ve got a product to enter as a gift into the giveaway which you are also ready to sell other places.

You won’t need the salespage but can just have your optin page redirect to the thank you page for them to download it for free.

Step Thirteen: Upload your ecover to the product and enter in a brief description with a strong benefit-laden call to action and a reason for downloading it immediately and a nice strong call to action which is an actual instructing them to download it right away.

Okay, you’ve got all the knowledge you need.

Step Fourteen: Sign up for these 5 giveaways.

Now *here* is where the little secret comes in. Make that big secret.

Step Fifteen: Get you a free blog like WordPress by just going to your hosting and downloading it from your control panel.

Use it for giveaway alerts and updates and use your autoresponder account to create a new list just for giveaways and a webform to collect the opt ins.

Now whenever you sign up for a new or soon to launch giveaway, you can

Step Sixteen: Get your referral link…you know the one you need to mail out to your subscribers with your tracking link and post it there with a call to action on your blog along with a brief headline announcing the new giveaway and the dates and times it will be running.

Now when people come to this blog looking for info on the giveaways, they find it and sign up through your links giving your rank higher placement and so more options.

As this snowballs into adding your link in front of more people, you’ll begin noticing an increase in traffic.

Step Seventeen: Lastly, now that you have grown a list of a few hundred in a short time leveraged off the hard work of others, you can:

Step Eighteen: Send this list to any website you want as long as it is clearly stated in the terms when they signed up for you. So now you are ready to

Step Nineteen: Click send and send them all an invite.

That’s it, now …

Step Twenty: Go and apply it and let me know your results!

Source by Doug Barger

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