How To Resolve Common AVP (Kaspersky) Errors On Windows

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AVP.exe refers to a file that helps Kaspersky Internet Security fulfill its functions. Basically, the file is used to protect files and documents from countless threats and problems like malicious software and viruses. Specifically, the file is used to help protect the computer from different types of websites and online applications. While the avp.exe file is constantly used to keep the computer safe and running smoothly, there are instances of it being corrupted or damaged. Once the file gets damaged or corrupted, errors will start popping out. If problem starts occurring, users should immediately counter this problem.

Understanding the errors arising from a corrupted avp file is an important thing step. Take note that the following messages will be displayed if the avp.exe is corrupted or damaged:

What Are AVP.EXE Errors?

The errors you’ll likely see from avp include:

  • “avp – Application Error
  • The instruction at “0×64a14da9″ referenced memory at “0×010801e0″. The memory could not be “read”.”
  • “avp – application error
  • The exception integer division by zero.
  • (0xc0000094) occured in the application at location 0×68f06c2f.
  • Click Ok to terminate, click cancel to debug the program”

Basically, the messages tell the user that the avp.exe is not functioning properly or that there’s a problem with the software that’s been using or attempting to use it. Troubleshooting such errors starts with Kaspersky itself. Check for any problems with Kaspersky first before trying to fix anything in Windows.

How To Fix The AVP.exe Error On Your PC

One of the most important things to do first in fixing an avp file error is to remove the update configuration or updcfg.xml file from the system. The update configuration file helps the computer system including Windows to properly recognize settings and files needed to execute a Kaspersky update. The file is constantly used so when it gets corrupted, the system gets affected. To fix the update configuration file, start by opening My Computer. Go to Documents and Settings and then open All Users. Click on the Kaspersky folder and then delete the updcfg.xml file. This should help fix the problem with the avp.exe file. However, if the problem still persists then try another solution.

Another solution is to reinstall Kaspersky into the system. Since the avp.exe file is corrupted, it might as well be good to overwrite it and put in a fresh file instead. Further, aside from repairing the avp.exe file, the settings and other components of Kasperksy will also be refreshed. This will considerably help improve the computer’s performance. To reinstall, click Start and then go to Control Panel. Select Add/Remove Programs and then find Kasperksy. Uninstall it or remove it then restart the computer. Install the software once more.

Lastly, cleaning out the computer’s registry should help resolve any remaining problems related to corrupted or damaged files. The PC registry contains all the information, settings and files used in the computer system. Cleaning it will help remove faulty components including the avp file. Take note that if there’s a problem with the system then the PC registry is also involved in it. Use a PC registry cleaner program to get rid of unwanted, damaged and corrupted components. Aside from cleaning the system, using a PC registry cleaner can help increase the speed of the computer. However, make sure that the program used is reliable.


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