How to Set Up a Money-Making Blog

  • September 23, 2022
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Bloggers know that blogs is short for Web Logs. People who do not have their own blogs and as yet don’t subscribe to, or follow any, may not know that. There are blogs on just about every topic under the sun. Most are just forums to dispense and share information and, in turn, to get feedback, a la forum. Some become social media unto themselves and develop quite a following. Others are money-makers and search engines seem to love them. Why? Traffic….blogs are getting interactive traffic and are about topics that people care enough about to comment on. A little controversy is one way to get people to react – or a subject near and dear to the heart. If people feel strongly enough about something, they want more information on that subject; they will read your blog postings and you will hear from them.

So how do you go about starting a blog in the first place? Hands down, WordPress seems to be the favourite place to start. You can set up a free account and choose a theme from dozens that WordPress has available to you. Your own Internet Service Provider probably offers WordPress as an add-on. If not, not to worry. There are quite a few other choices but if you are thinking about starting a blog, I’d suggest that you go to and look around. Sign up for a free account, name your blog and start writing. Oh, yes…you should know what you want to write about. That’s kind of important.

When you are thinking about what topic your blog will be about, think about what subjects people might be interested in reading about…making money…solar energy…training a dog…saving their marriage? If enough people are interested in what you write about, they may stop by and read your blog and that is the whole idea. If you want your blog to make you some money, you first need a lot of readers. Readers is a blog version of people coming into your store or shop for a look around. If they see something they like, they will buy it. So consider what people are interested in reading about.

Hold on…let’s back up a bit. What can YOU write about? What do you know about? What area of expertise do you have? Don’t worry if nothing comes to mind right away. There are ways around that but if you do have an area of expertise and it is something people would be interested in, that’s a good start. Sit down with your computer and jot down some ideas… some tips you can give people. Go to some of the blog sites and read what others are writing in a similar vein – and make note of their style. Where do you find blogs? Search Google or Yahoo for “blogs about_________” (whatever subject interests you).

A blog is usually pretty casual and chatty. Those are qualities of a good blog – not to serious but some good topical tips. Then, once your readers begin to recognize you for the expert you are in your field, they will be more inclined to listen if you recommend a product they may be interested in learning more about and perhaps even purchasing. If you are a ClickBank affiliate, for example, they have thousands of products you can promote through your blog. If you have never been to ClickBank, it is well worth a look around. It will give you many ideas to mull over in your quest for the perfect blog topic. Set up a free account and visit their Marketplace.

Products are divided into categories – a great place to start. Click on a few. At the top of each listing is a title. Click on this to go to the promotional literature. Here is where you find text and pictures to help you to market that product. Next to each product is a box called PROMOTE. If you click that, it will give you your own personal product link so that when you put that link on your website or in your blog, and people click on it, then buy the product, you get paid. Why not go back to the ClickBank Marketplace and feature another product? The product’s own promotional literature can be used as a guideline but remember people are looking for information and tips – not a sales pitch so keep it low key.

You may like to give away an e-book to your readers. A capture page will get their email address and once they opt in, you can send them an email every time you post something new to your blog or have a special offer. This is a great way to build a mailing list at the same time as you guild your blog. They go hand-in-hand.

Once your blog is up and running, it is a good idea to tell the many blog directories about your blog so they can list you and spread the word that you are out there and waiting for readers to find you. Search for ‘blog directories’ on Google or Yahoo.

Setting up a blog is easy and setting up one that will make money for you is equally as easy.


Source by Dr. Robert W. F. Taylor

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