After many years of doing IT for other people and making sure that their systems are running properly I have decided to start taking charge of my own life and putting my skills to good use for myself and others.

Here is a step by step guide on how some-one with little or limited knowledge can setup, configure and populate a professionally looking blog website hosted with a real domain name as chosen by you with an hours worth of effort.

I know this works as I have gone manually through all the steps necessary to create a WordPress blog site and with the wealth of experience I have I can see real value in this product. I have built a webserver from the ground up and knowing what it takes to get a working Blog site up and running trust me you don’t want to have to go through it.

WordPress Blog Setup Tips And Tricks incorporates everything that you will ever need to to get things setup and but I’ll list some of these here for you now:

  1. A domain name – Well people are going to want to find you using a readable name and this is what the url (Universal Resource Locator) is. Take the domain for example. Now people will know that when they type in they will arrive at that website and that the site is used for publishing EzineArticles, it’s there in the name. The rest (http://) makes up the url.
  2. A hosted website – Take it from me, unless you have a static IP address, a good stable broadband supplier, a reliable computer in a well controlled environment you’re going to want somebody else to take care of the hardware and server software for you. This is the meat behind your blogging site and without this you aint going nowhere fast.
  3. The Blogging software itself – This is where WordPress comes into it’s own. As I said earlier I have manually gone through all the steps needed to setup a blog website and you can see the end result at my personal website and unless you are IT minded you aren’t going to want to get involved in what it takes. Having a tool that sorts it all out for you is priceless, trust me on this one!
  4. Content for your blogs – Well it’s a bit like a newspaper or a magazine, you can have the best Brand name on the best quality paper with the best front page but as soon as you open it up and find there’s nothing worthwhile reading on the inside then your not going to want to ever pick up another copy of that magazine again are you. Providing your readers with good quality content is what’s going to draw your readers in and people will find your site on name and content. This can only come from you and whether you get information from other reliable sources or you blog your own experiences and thoughts you’re the one going to be providing this content.
  5. Plug-ins and widgets – These are little add-ons that you can use to create interest in your blog site as well as to link through to other sites like Facebook and Twitter to generate more interest in your blog site. After all you’re going to be putting content up for somebody to read you may as well get it out there and making use of tools that have been specifically created to do this for you is a no brainer.

I given you a few pointers on what this pack entails but you’d really be doing yourself a huge favour by buying this package and getting started. I have already recommended this to close personal friends and members of my own family.

Source by Lee Bailey

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