It is true that Online Marketing is the easiest and cheapest way to get maximum product exposure to a large consumer base with minimal cost and effort. This is because creating an online business requires only three simple things. First, you need a product or service that you will offer to consumers. Second, you need an Internet connection, be it via an Internet café or your own personal computer and connection. Third, you need a medium for exposure- that is, either a website, a web page, a profile page on a social networking site, an email blast, etc.

However, owning a website or a web page is not just a one time deal. To ensure the success of a website of web page, you have to constantly update it in order for the site to generate income. If you do not have the proper and appropriate marketing tools to channel such websites, then the updates would be in vain. Being an Internet businessman is not just following the three simple requirements-it needs you to become familiar with Internet marketing tools. The good thing about it is, there are many Internet marketing tools just readily available for your own use and purpose. However, choosing the right marketing tool must depend on the purpose of the tool. For example, you have to determine your target market: are they teenagers? Are they adults? Are most of them women?. This way, all efforts will be aligned properly to get maximum profit.

The main goal is to direct the consumer traffic to a particular site-your site. The target is to have more visitors dropping by your website or web page, for maximum exposure. The more visitors you have, the greater the chance that they will become your customers. To attract this crowd, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the customer. If you were the customer, what would catch your eye? What would you do when you look for a product or service on the Internet? The first thing that most computer users do when they are looking for products and services online is type a query on the search tab of a search engine. The Internet is just too wide for any user to memorize all the websites having the product or service he or she is looking for. So how can you put your website on the top of that query list that the search engine feeds the computer user? The answer is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

Search Engine Optimization techniques can moderate the quality of traffic so that they can be lead to a certain website. For example, your target market is comprised of photography enthusiasts, and you offer camera gadgets and enhancements at a cheap price. To have more possibility of being on top of the query list, you can offer more than just the usual product and service details. You can add articles or blog entries about the latest gadgets, or the latest news about photography techniques. This way, more people will be attracted to your website, because of the variety of information you offer. For added profit, you can also employ Pay per click (PPC) or PPS ads. These are Google ads that you can put up all over you website, with which you form affiliations. When a visitor clicks at the ad, you can get paid a certain amount or rate.

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