WordPress blogs are provided by WordPress as a free blooger service. WordPress blogs are customisable and with just a little bit of coding knowledge you can use this versatile platform to build crediblity for your business and market various products over the internet.

Here are some WordPress tips to help you get started with this tool.

1) WordPress from Fantastico Cpanel

All good hosting providers provide Fantastic Cpanel. This is a 1 touch easy intall WordPress that allows the latest wordpress version to be installed on your computer. Once installed, you can access your wordpress blog by entering the domain name you bought in the url. Making a post is easy as well. Access your WordPress site at hxxp:// and you’ll be able to make posts quickly and easily.

2) Customising Word Press Templates

WordPress templates allow your wordpress layout to be different from every other site. Templates can be downloaded free. You’ll need to have some basic knowledge of FTP to upload these templates. Once the templates have been uploaded, installing them is simply a matter of point and click. Its common to install a variety of templates and finding one that suits your theme.

WordPress Silo structure.

Silo is a form of SEO that allows your wordpress site to be indexed. Suppose your site was about debit repair. WordPress can be conigured such that every post will have the title as part of its silo structure. This will allow your url to show up in the search engines and give you more traffic.


If some one googles “debit repair”, it will potentially show up as hxxp:// with the words debit repair highlighted in bold. This serves to inform the searcher that your information is potentially useful and they will thus visit your site.

Source by Sherman Choo

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