This can be called a guide on how to get better Google rankings. It can also be said to be a guide on how to offer visitors a better experience when visiting the website. Both are very much inter-related, and as explained below, all that needs to be done is to follow basic SEO guidelines and focus on improving the website.

Sitemap: Making sure Google indexes every page is half the battle won. It’s not a big issue nowadays since blogs and other platforms use CMS to ping the search engines whenever new content is published. But for a traditional website, sitemap is a must.

Google’s webmaster section offers detailed analytics about incoming links to each page in the sitemap. Combined with the ability to weed out error (404) pages and other issues with the site, a sitemap is a very useful tool. Dynamic sitemaps are best, but for those who do not have the ability to access or run the required scripts, there are plenty of online sitemap creation tools.

Onsite Optimization: Most new webmasters run around looking outside the site for new ways on how to get better Google rankings and more search traffic. It’s a lot easier and less time-consuming to focus energy on doing things better on the site. One way is to optimize site content – titles, with the internal linking structure and new content focused on keywords.

First thing that needs to be done is to use a keyword generation tool to come up with a list of relevant and valuable keywords for the site. With the list in hand, go through existing pages and add keywords from the list where appropriate. New content pages should always have the keyword in the title, URL, and within the content.

As for the internal linking structure, make sure that no page is an orphan which has been left out of the site hierarchy. The linking structure should flow smoothly from home page to category and sub-category pages, and then down to individual pages, with every page linking to relevant pages above and below it. The sidebar and menu should be included in the design template to ensure that visitors can easily click through to any other page on the site.

Link Building: On top of everything else, search algorithms make it important for a page to have a few incoming links. Content creation should be done in tandem with link building. Acquiring external links pointing to new pages is one of the best answers on how to get better Google rankings.

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