Knowing ways to increase traffic on websites is essential to having a successful internet based business. There are many methods you could use that could help maximize the potential of your website in generating traffic. In this article, I will briefly go over 3 ways to increase website traffic so that you can hopefully increase your sales as well.


Having a blog is a powerful way to get tons of traffic to your website. If you don’t already have a blog, you can implement a blog along with your existing website in a separate directory. Having a blog offers more opportunities than an ordinary website. The popular blogging platforms available are WordPress, Blogger and Live Journal. All of these are free.

If you have your own hosting you’ll want to use WordPress. Blogger and Live Journal allow you to set up a blog on their site. Either way, there are so many opportunities available when you have a blog. There are a ton of plugins that you can download and install on your blog that will enhance your blog. Also, the search engines love blogs and there are tools pre-built into the blogging platforms that will help your search engine rankings.


Squidoo is a high ranking website and is a great way to increase traffic on websites. This is especially useful if you have a brand new site which is not going to have a high page rank or any authority in the beginning. This is where Squidoo comes in. You can open up a free account on Squidoo and create pages with links to your website on their site. These links from their site to yours are powerful because the search engines view Squidoo as an authority site so this will increase your page rank. In addition to increasing your page rank, Squidoo receives a high volume of traffic so you’ll also receive direct traffic from their site as well.


HubPages is very similar to Squidoo but they have enough differences to be unique from another. They are another very high traffic and high ranking website. HubPages allow you to post free pages of content on their site. Again, you can include links to your website giving you powerful backlinks and search engine juice to increase your own rankings. Not only that you will also get direct traffic from the site too. They also have lots of tools and ways to help you monetize your content.

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