It is always highly inspiring to have your website designed in a manner that they display functional quality. The websites should be highly accessible and obvious for using. It is not necessary for a site to be very cute but they should be appealing so that the user can conveniently use it. Ease of use is the keyword in such cases.

Drawing the attention of the users is importantHeaders, light & open content areas, and bright colors that are highlighted can easily draw your attention to the website. Websites that follow these principles of designing are mostly successful. The experience could be quite straightforward and if you can use text adequately, and have used space with proper economy and provided simple navigational facilities, it will really help you design a great website.

Simple and effective layouts are the characteristics of successful modern websites. The contents could be rich in some cases and not so rich in other cases but in all cases, they are relevant and qualitative. Not gorgeous or graphical sites draw attention of the viewers more but the simplicity and convenience of surfing that draws more traffic to your website.

Features of the good web sites that draws viewer’s attention

    Some of the features that help your web site draw attention of the viewers are –

  • Proper layout of the contents and setting them properly in the background of the web page where they are displayed can give your website a natural look. There could be a couple of lines of bold contents and then some bulleted contents.
  • The layout should be conventional and minimal. It would be better if the key contents are displayed in larger and bolder fonts.
  • A nice logo and text only navigation can help enhance the reputation of your website quite well.
  • One of the cleanest sites is the one that carries good typography and excellent photographic views. Simple designs and imagery helps the site enhance its visitor base.
  • The site should allow the viewer to focus on the contents and icons, if any mostly.
  • If your site uses blogs then such writing materials should be such that should evoke the interest of the viewers.

Using the rich effects and pixel savings

Saving pixels is one of the major issues in any web designing. However, you may have to splash out a lot of information with details in certain areas. Such splashing also creates a simple affect. The working of any rich web site provides you with enjoyment of facts, links, and data without any problem.

Think about a beautiful sky with clouds and lots of variation in light and color. It is intense pixel-wise, but the overall effect washes over you, creating a “sit-back” emotional reaction without requiring a lot of eye work or thinking. Sometimes for good affects, highly colored forms are used as background of the conventional content areas. The detailed sketches used in the background also give a quite grunge effect.

Logos could add character to your web site

Good and lively logos are very important for designing a good website. That is why the Web design London and Web design Manchester both give it a priority in the list of web components. For example a combination of super iconic squares with strong black text could have a telling effect on the viewers.

The important thing about a good designed logo is it should be organic, energetic and should be able to create human -feelings thus facilitating real e-commerce web design.

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