Ever see an interior decorator at work? They come into a home and move things around, get rid of old things, bring in new things, and maybe even add new rooms. They do it all with ease and delight. They’re masters at changing things and making them look just so.

That’s what a Content Management System is like (except it doesn’t work on your house, it works on your website).

With a Content Management System (CMS), you can change the content on your website whenever and however you want:

·Change text

·Add/change photos/logos etc.

·Add/remove webpages

And a Content Management System that’s good will be WYSIWYG (pronounced wizzywig). WYSIWYG stands for “What You See Is What You Get,” which means you just drag and drop things where you want, and all the coding required to make things look like that on your website is done for you automatically without you having to know about it or understand it.

If it sounds great, that’s because it is.

So why don’t most people have a Content Management System for their website?

Because up until recently, they were too expensive for the average website owner to have. But now there are lots of companies offering Content Management System services, and they fall into two types:

·Hosted solutions: the company has their own software installed on their own servers. You log in to their website and use their software to change your website.

·Software solutions: you buy software to install on your computer. The software lets you open your online webpages and change them instantly. A great example of this is a product made by MacroMedia called Contribute — it’s easy to use and very affordable!

Whether you go with a Hosted or Software solution, you’ll love having the ability to make your website exactly the way you want it to be, quickly and easily.

And that’s why a Content Management System is like an interior decorator.

Source by Grant Pasay

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