Internet marketing is a vital part of promoting your business. There are essential components you need to analyze to determine which components or if all of the components will work to further your business. There are many types of internet marketing, but here are the essential components to look into.

Develop a website

This is the main source of internet marketing, however, it should not be used alone. You want to draw people to your website. But first make a decision on what you want written about the services you provide or products you sell. You need to create a descriptive introduction to who you are and about your business. What makes your company stand out from all the rest? Add photos, videos, and testimonials if possible. These will help keep the visitor’s attention.

Create a Blog

Internet marketing includes creating a blog. Sometimes the blog can be included onto the main website, but you can also develop one onto a blog site. If they are separated, make sure to include links on your blog to draw customers to the website and vice versa. A blog can give a more personal point of view to a potential customer about what you do and why you do it. If you update it on a regular basis, readers can continue to come back for more information. This is where you can get really creative and talk about what inspires you to sell your product or service. You can also answer questions from your customers where they develop a relationship with you personally. The object of the blog is to connect with your customers and draw in new customers.

Social media pages

Internet marketing involves a lot of social media networking. This includes such pages as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. All of these are great sources to communicate one on one with your customers and create new ones. Unlike a blog, social networking allows you to communicate instantly with customers or fans of your page. These require a lot of your time and may need to hire someone specifically to continue to maintain these pages. However, make sure to post something every day, whether it be a photo, comment, or question. This keeps people responding and asking questions. For your business, you can include coupons or discounts for products or services by visiting your social media pages. This is where you can also include links to your main website and place your coupons there to draw more traffic to your webpage.

Other Internet Marketing Components to think about

Internet marketing can include other components that could be effective including such things as pay per clicks, advertising on other major websites, and creating a high content of SEO articles or writings on your website to help bring your website higher on the list of searches. Internet marketing also includes press releases and email blasts to current customers. These keep reminding your current customers you are still there and they may pass on the information you sent to people they know that may be interested in the product your are selling or the service you provide. This helps increase attention to your business and attracts more customers.

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