Invention help is available for a fee and a signed contract to split the profits. An invention submission company will take care of all the details.

The invention help expert will validate your invention through:

a. Internal project review or even new product feasibility assessment.

b. Product manufacturability assessment.

c. New product market assessment.

d. Intellectual property assessment or even prototype assessment.

Once through these, the next steps might be license agreement, patent management, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, fulfillment, project funding / financing, licensing and product development.

A caveat… Through media and web hype, many aspiring inventors identify invention submission companies or invention promotion companies as the best invention help. Not so. A number of invention submission corporations belong to the $300 million a year industry scam, according to MSNBC reports.

Stay updated. Read. Perform comprehensive research. Ask questions. Do background checks. Consistently verify.

You may well require expert invention help to get your invention from the drawing board to consumers at less cost. You may also need expert invention help to know your invention’s suitability.

Here are a few suggestions to get your invention help:

a. Get a patent lawyer.

Where? The USPTO,, United States Patent and Trademark Office. It examines and issues patents, as well as, examines and registers trademarks. The USPTO also brings a list of area registered patent attorneys and agents.

b. Call the bar association of your city. It may have a list of patent attorneys. A warning, carefully look through every reference of a prospective patent lawyer. Check each of their client roster and success percentage.

c. Keep abreast with the glossary of terms in filing for patents. They will come useful when terms of services and employment are discussed with the invention help.

d. Contact government advisory and private websites:

e. Ask questions. If legitimate, the invention submission company will address your concerns. Don’t be easily impressed by invention help’s credentials. Verify the truth in advertising.

  • Can you get a list and talk to their industry contacts?
  • What is their success ratio? You can ask this under the 1999 American Inventor’s Protection Act.
  • Can you get an endorsement list from private and government sectors?

Get the best invention help but be proactive and diligent with background checks. This way, the invention help scam industry won’t claim you as a statistic.

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